1. My Greek Angel.

    Date: 9/10/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: MissTaylorM, Source: xHamster

    I'd never been abroad on my own before. I'd always been with friends to the usual Spanish resorts where sun, sea, sand, sangria and sex were the norm. This time though my best friend Kate had got a great job at the Piraeus Cruise Ship Terminal in Athens and moved there eight months ago so, at the tender yet not really innocent age of 21, I had just been dropped off by my dad at Gatwick Airport. I was there three hours before my flight and I was nervous as I checked in, early I know but I'd get to board the plane before those who checked in later. That was what I wanted and checking in was surprisingly easy. I quick walk through security followed and then, after a look around the rather overpriced outlets, I chilled with a beer or two. The time soon passed and I was quite relaxed when I heard the call for my flight to Athens. With a bit of luck I'd be at Kate's apartment in Galatsi by about 9pm Greek time. Much to my delight the flight was a breeze. I sat at the back next to the window and had a wine with ice whilst I read my book. I never even got worried when I saw lightning on the approach over Athens and after a speedy walk through security and getting my suitcase with ease I excited to see Kate waiting for me. All smiles and watery eyed. &#034Helloooo&#034 she said as we held each other, &#034So great you're here, we're gonna have a brilliant two weeks&#034 &#034I can't wait&#034 I replied, kissing her cheek. &#034Fuck I've missed you!&#034 She agreed and we walked to her ... car, a tatty looking Peugeot 306 in silver with a red door where she'd had a bump. Throwing my case in the back she said &#034Back to mine yeah? I have lots of beer for us.&#034 &#034Defo!&#034 I hastily replied. &#034Let's get smashed!&#034 With a laugh we got into the car and set off on the half hour drive to her place. Her apartment was gorgeous. Small with one only one bedroom and a compact lounge and kitchen area but it had direct access through a patio door to the roof space and she'd put a table and lounge chairs out there under a large parasol styled cover which gave her privacy from the other buildings. That, combined with the view across the city, made the place perfect. Once I'd unpacked the Amstel was soon flowing and we were catching up on all the good times we'd had and also what we were doing now. We were getting in a bit of a state really and when I slipped on the step and bumped my back on the table we decided to call it a night so we climbed in her bed and cuddled up. Kate is straight so it was strictly no touching and we were soon fast asl**p. I slept really well but on waking up, apart from the hangover, I had such a pain where I'd hit my back. &#034I can't see a bruise.&#034 Kate said as she looked at my lower back, &#034but there's a chemist just around the corner so we can get something there for you.&#034 &#034Yeah&#034 I agreed and after breakfast we went outside and walked to the chemist then, on opening the door, I was stunned. There in front of me ...