1. Teresa's Punishment

    Date: 9/11/2017, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: sweetsexylawyer20, Source: xHamster

    Preface: I was recently asked to write a story that described a sexual fantasy of mine (as the character Teresa). Content includes non-consent and lesbian sadism. This is what followed: ************************************************* Teresa had just moved to this town a few months ago, and quickly became friends with Christie, a young woman in her early 20s, living in a condo across the hall from her. Teresa was about 10 years older than Christie, but they got along well, had gone out to see a few movies together and had dinner at each other's place at least once a week. Sometimes, Christie would stare at her, like maybe she &#034liked&#034 her, and Teresa wasn't sure how she felt about that. Christie was a very attractive girl, slim and petite with long blond hair and beautiful sapphire eyes, but Teresa had never been with a girl before, so she wasn't sure how to respond, besides blushing and looking away. Halloween night came around and Christie invited Teresa to a party she was going to at a friend's house. Halloween was Teresa's favorite holiday, and she loved to dress up, so she jumped at the chance to go with Christie. They dressed up in sexy costumes and went to the party together. A few drinks later, Teresa was feeling happy and relaxed, and Christie began to touch her more, just little caresses on her arms and legs. Teresa thought it felt nice, so she let Christie continue. After another hour, Christie suggested they go back to her apartment to relax and talk. ... Teresa reluctantly agreed, and they walked back. As soon as they entered Christie's apartment, Christie turned Teresa around and pushed her up against the door, kissing her deeply. Teresa was caught by surprise, but kissed Christie back, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Christie pulled away and took Teresa's hand, leading her back toward the bedroom. Hesitant, but wanting more, she let Christie lead her. Christie began to light pillar candles around the room, and Teresa could now see the queen size four poster canopy bed in the middle of her room. It had been d****d in burgundy and black scarves to create a sensual ambiance. The bed was covered in matching burgundy satin sheets. When Christie finished lighting the candles, she came back to Teresa and they started kissing again, Teresa with her hands in Christie's hair, and Christie running her hands up the flimsy costume material to play with Teresa's hardened nipples through the dress. When Teresa made no complaints, only moaning and leaning into Christie's hands, Christie yanked the top of the dress down enough to bare Teresa's generous breasts, and began roughly pinching Teresa's nipples. Teresa tried to pull away then, but Christie moved her mouth to Teresa's ear and whispered, &#034Let me play with you Teresa. I have wanted this for so long. I want to hurt you Teresa. Please say you'll let me, please say you'll stay the night and let me do what I want to your beautiful body.&#034 Teresa was so stunned, she didn't ...