1. My Brother's Genie - Chapter 10

    Date: 9/11/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Female Domination, Male Domination, Mind Control, Teen, Author: DragoTime, Source: sexstories.com

    In the year 2013, at 32 Wayford Way, 12 teenagers and a genie were having the time of their lives. The senior football team had just won the big game, thanks in no small part due to some “wishful thinking” on the part of one Sophie Swift. In fact, it would be fair to say that they utterly trounced the opposition, although victory was likely even without magical intervention. After the game, Sophie and her genie Alexis had taken the 11 players home, telling them that they were their reward for playing so well. So now, both girls were on their hands and knees on Sophie’s bed. Each girl had one guy fucking her ass, one guy underneath fucking her pussy, and two more guys in front having their dicks sucked. The remained 3 guys were having their cocks jerked off by the girls. All 13 of them were orgasming intensely, the girls’ pussies contracting and the boys’ dicks expelling large quantities of semen. All of them were in sexual nirvana. At around 2am, the humans collapsed into a big, sweaty, cummy pile, and fell asleep. Alexis however did not, her body much more resilient than that. She got out of bed, and looked down at her Mistress and her conquests. Well, “conquests” wasn’t quite the right word, given she’d gotten them thanks to Alexis’ power. She smiled as she looked down at Sophie, happy that she was happy. Not that she’d like to admit it, given how she liked to think she was above such things. Still covered in cum, Alexis walked downstairs to the kitchen, and pulled a ... 24-pack of Coca Cola out of the fridge, along with several big bars of chocolate. With a thought, she and her snacks turned into clouds of light-blue smoke, which flew up the stairs and into her lamp, which was sitting on Sophie’s dresser. Once inside, she walked across her bedroom, past Leonardo’s painting of her, and to her 17th century bookshelf. She picked up her copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which she intended to re-read. As a genie she found the theory of magic presented in the book to be rather humorous, and she enjoyed laughing at all the inaccuracies J.K. Rowling included. Alexis walked through to her bathroom, and climbed into her hot tub, something she’d only had for a few decades. She took a gulp of coke, broke off a big piece of chocolate, and opened the book. As she read, she thought of the year she’d spent with Sophie. She’d very much enjoyed it, with Sophie treating her like her best friend rather than a genie servant. Well, her best friend who lived with her. She went to school with her, they told each-other all their secrets, and had hot lesbian sex with each-other. All the standard stuff. Alexis was well through the book and her snacks when she felt the familiar pull. She grabbed hold of her can of coke (She was on to her 14th now) and she saw herself being consumed by clouds of smoke. When they cleared she was sat on the naked Sophie’s lap on the living room sofa. “Morning Mistress,” she said, before looking around and seeing it was light ...