1. Amie and the Comte - Part 3

    Date: 9/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty, Domination / Submission, Female Domination, Humiliation, Male Domination, Non-consensual sex, Older, Violence, Author: Princess Amy, Source: sexstories.com

    Amie is woken by the sound of loud female screams; fearing that the Comte has found fault with her niece, Janette, Amie quickly dons her robe and rushes to Martial’s study. Outside the door she finds a number of the servants, most of them openly crying. Without knocking Amie rushes into the room then quickly taking in the scene closes the door on the weeping staff. “Are the cunts still there” demands Martial “Yes Lord” “Good they are to hear every stoke of the whip” Amie again views the tableau; a girl she recognises as one of the young maids is naked and being held across the Comte’s desk by two of his leering henchmen. She is bleeding from multiple cuts to her buttocks and legs, her high pitched screams unpleasant on the ears. Jeanette is dressed in just her drawers and is holding bloodied riding crop. Sweat is running between her impressive breasts as she swings the crop in preparation for delivering another blow. Martial is seated in his favourite chair a slightly older maid on her knees fumbling as she tries to open the Comte’s breeches. “The whore tried to steal from me; she took a silver snuff box and tried to hide it in her cunt”. Martial follows Amie’s gaze as she looks down at the older maid kneeling before the Comte. “She feared she would be held responsible so informed” Motioning Amie to sit beside him the Comte nods to Jeanette indicating that she is to continue. She raises the crop slowly and without hesitation brings it down heavily on the maid's bloody ass. ... She whips her once, twice and then ecstatic she turns the crop around penetrating the screaming maids’ pussy with the bulbous leather handle. The intensity of the maid’s screams instantly increasing. Looking down Amie observes that the older maid has released Martial’s cock from his breeches, and although it is in a fully erect condition the female has no understanding of what is expected of her. Standing Amie moves behind the kneeling maid and grabbing her hair pulls her head back. "Open your mouth wide slut, our Lord likes to fuck throats". Yet again the Comte gives thanks for the day he took Amie into his service; it was indeed a propitious day. The Comte starts to slowly fuck the older maid’s throat while Jeanette moves closer to the whipped girl who is not much older than her. She pushes the riding crop’s handle deeper into the bleeding pussy while whispering in the girl’s ear. The Comte has no idea what is being said, other than it is greatly distressing the punished girl; he finds the scene so arousing he needs greater satisfaction that the maid slobbering over his cock can deliver. He pushes the useless slut away. "Amie, I want your ass, NOW! Do not disappoint me little whore!" Amie removes her robe showing the Comte she is naked beneath; he omits a groan of pleasure, a groan that intensifies when Amie positions herself over a chair displaying her charms to her master. "Use me lord, use me as you watch your men rape the thief" The two henchmen look to the Comte, their ...