1. Amie and the Comte - Part 3

    Date: 9/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty, Domination / Submission, Female Domination, Humiliation, Male Domination, Non-consensual sex, Older, Violence, Author: Princess Amy, Source: sexstories.com

    arousal and he resolves to witness these more often, he feels that his cock has never been harder or stronger as he increases the tempo of his fucking. “Turn the whore over” demands the Comte “Fuck her again use her ass”. The men turn the maid, she does not struggle; François pulls her arms forward as Mathieu mounts her from behind; the feel of his cock against her ass triggering more screams. “You will love this cunt” he whispers causing the girl to cry again. As she feels him push against the hole where no one has touched her she screams. There are more screams as he forces the head in, to the girl it feels huge and she fears it will tear her apart. Slowly and deliberately he slides his cock in as the screams continue, they have no effect on his resolve. Once his balls are resting on the girl’s pussy he looks to the Comte for instruction. Martial finds that he has been holding his breath as he watched; he exhales then nods his consent. Mathieu starts to thrust pushing hard, and fast as the girl cries. He places his hands and all his weight on her shoulders as with one last thrust he deposits his seed into her ass, he continues thrusting slowly until he has ...
    completely emptied himself. The effect on Amie has been equally dramatic, she feels no sympathy for the thief; in Amie’s opinion her crime was getting caught. She is pushing back against Martial’s hard cock “Fuck me hard Lord; fuck your slut”. The thief’s screams are driving her wild and Jeanette’s slapping of the older maid whilst telling her to lick harder is just too much. When Martial cums she feels as if the whole world has exploded, her orgasm triggering screams, howls and tears. The Comte rides Amie as he would a wayward stallion; he marvels at the experience, he really must do this again and soon. Gaining his breath and allowing his now limp cock to slip from Amie’s buttocks he looks at the prone thief. "Take her outside and hang her". Buttoning his breeches he walks to the door; as he passes the kneeling older maid he kicks violently in the head. "Keep better control of your minions or it will be you that will be raped and hung". Clicking his fingers for Jeanette to follow him he storms from the room. ................................................................ Thanks to Tommo27 for his contribution All comments positive are most welcome - princessamy2@yahoo.com