1. My Tortured Slave (Part 1)

    Date: 9/12/2017, Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, BDSM, Cruelty, Domination / Submission, Extreme, Teen, Rape, Slavery, Torture, Toys, Violence, Author: Unknown user, Source: sexstories.com

    please be nice this is my first post. Let me know if i should continue writing, I have lots of ideas but i don't know if it is going in the right direction, enjoy. (I wrote this in spurts so forgive me if it doesn't flow very well. Forgive the terrible title as well I couldn't think of anything) **** edit: fixed some of the spelling(not all of it) and made it easier to read with the double return.**** I had her strung up by her hands, the tips of her feet just barley touching the ground. I frowned. She hadn’t woken yet and I was becoming impatient. I didn’t want to do anything until she was awake, it would be much more fun that way. I took a walk around the dark cellar that I had prepared for her, taking in her body. I had not cut away any of her cloths and she was still drop dead gorgeous. The picture of her I had found online did her no justice, those pictures that I had spent lonely nights with. She was just what I had been looking for. Young and naïve. I wasn’t too sure about the last part but I’d find out soon enough. She was a solid ten out of ten, her ass was a decent curve and she had perky tits but why she had become so popular online was her face. It was perfectly symmetrical and her jaw was very strong, I knew when she opened her eyes I would melt into the large brown oasis. Golden hair came just to her shoulder, I gently grabbed a handful and brought it to my noise, it smelt like summer. She looked like an angel in a long slumber waiting for her true love to ... come wake her. I wasn’t that true love. I slapped her face lightly with the back of my hand and her eyelids fluttered a little. It took nothing less than sheer will power to keep my hands off other parts of her body. Like a boy that had just received a new toy I wanted to play. “Wake up my slave” I whispered gently into her ear, her eyelids fluttered once more and then the shot open, she slowly adjusted to her surroundings. I carefully stepped back into the shadows of the corner; I wanted to see her reaction to her situation. “Ow my head” she said in a small voice, the voice stunning me for a moment, so perfect. She tried to stretch her arms, the chains about her head jingling a bit. Alarm crossing her face she looked up to her hands, more forcefully tugging at them, slowly swaying. She stretched out her legs touching the ground and with much difficulty was able to steady herself and take some of the weight off of her arms. Pain twisted across her face as she tried to find a comfortable position to no avail. “Help! I’m stuck down here” she shouted, she looked around the small room and eventually saw me. The moment she eyes locked onto mine I melted like ice-cream on a warm summer day. “Please sir can you help me down from this?” I was too lost in her eyes to respond “Sir? Hello? I’m very uncomfortable, is there someone you can grab or…” she trailed off, realisation coming to her face. “You did this didn’t you?” I managed a short nod, my mouth dry like sandpaper, I wanted her to ...