1. Young Man Used by a Married Couple

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Author: LucaByDesign, Source: LushStories

    What I’m about to tell you happened fifteen years ago. It’s only after reading other people’s experiences online that I’m beginning to take ownership of that event. All through my twenties I was disgusted by the memory of what I allowed that night, but these days the memory burns white hot and I find myself wishing it could happen again. But I’m no longer the lean and muscular young man I was, so I doubt such a thing ever will. Back then my particular thing was the thought of fucking another man’s wife. It wasn’t that I had trouble attracting women. I didn’t, was not an issue. I was an extremely attractive young guy. Girls my own age were okay, they came and went, but what I really hankered for was to fuck another man’s wife in the sanctuary of her shared bedroom. It would be a violation of sorts. My ideal scenario would be to call around the home of some early thirties Yummy-Mummy after hubby had left for work and fuck her until lunchtime. She would be just back from running the kids to school in the Chelsea tractor, would be elegant and sophisticated, wearing designer clothes even for the school run. Back then it was my favourite wank fodder to imagine fucking a woman like that in the marital bed, the odour of her unsuspecting husband still ripe on the sheets. Anyhow, it never happened quite like that, is not what I’m telling about, but it gives you some idea how I got myself involved with the married couple in this story. I was just twenty-one and studying for my degree ... in economics at a university in the north of England. To make extra cash, four nights a week I waited tables at one of the big chain pubs situated on the ring road. It was where all the new empty-nesters dined with their recently departed darlings and was the place I met Mandy and Mark. This is how. Mid-week. Just another middle-aged married couple eating out with their late-teens daughter. Nothing unusual about that. I saw families such as theirs most nights, yet there was something about these people that piqued my interest. Mother in her late thirties, hubby a little older. They’d looked after themselves, dressed very well indeed. Their daughter a blonde, tall girl. A sturdy girl -- yet with the prettiest face. Genetic gifts from her mother, who could pass as her older sister. I found my eyes travelling back to their table whenever I had a moment. They were all laughter and warmth, glad to be playing happy family again after weeks apart. Genuinely pleased to be together once more, they chatted incessantly, not like some of the families who dined at the pub, who would sit and eat in strained silence. Anyhow, while they got on with the main course, the mother caught me looking. Our eyes met and I held her gaze, which seemed to take her by surprise because she glanced from me to her daughter and then back at me. I smiled for her and watched as a sudden understanding erased the momentary expression of confusion I had seen only seconds before. Now a secret amusement sparkled in ...