1. Fourth Fantasy - Fourth Task

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Iwantyoutoshowme, Source: LushStories

    Hi pet, today’s game will be easy and quick, so no worries. I know I’ve been demanding lately, I want to ease you into this, even if I know that it’s within you, it’s your nature. All you have to do is to trust yourself to complete this task. Tonight you are going to the gym. You will take your usual class and wear your usual workout outfit. You will wear the outfit before going to the gym, while your change of clothes are already inside your gym bag. You are not allowed to take them out or even look at them, only when it’s time to change into them. You will get to the gym, go downstairs to the locker room across the main fitness room, and leave your bag there. Then you will go back upstairs and attend your fitness class. Once it’s over, get back to the locker room. Get completely naked and put all your workout clothes away. Better bring along a lock and lock them away if you fear you will chicken out. Now it’s time for a shower. Relax. Go back to your bag when you are done. Take the shoes out of the bag. It’s a pair of stiletto heels. You will also find a pair of hold-up stockings: these are the first two items of clothing you will wear. Sit down and put them on. Then stand up again. Take your time. Think, you are completely naked in a locker room wearing just hold-ups and a pair of stiletto heels. You can’t wear anything else for a minute, so do something, pretend to use your phone. Does anyone notice how totally inappropriate you are? After a minute, take the next item ... out of the bag. It’s a bra. Put it on. Don’t worry, you aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s just supposed to be like that, it’s a half-cup bra, so it will just sustain your breasts without actually covering them, it's all right. Now consider for a second how sexy you are: inside of a gym locker room, wearing heels, stockings, and a half-cup bra. You are lucky you are in the girl's room, right? Nobody there will judge you, they will just think you are getting ready for a date with your boyfriend, won’t they? That’s okay, we don’t want anyone to misjudge you. That’s why you should wear the rest of your clothing and clear every doubt. Wait another minute before you do that. Maybe take a look at yourself in the mirror if you want to. Take out the rest of the outfit. You will wear first the skirt and then the top. You will find a white shirt and a pleated skirt. I know the skirt is a little revealing. I mean even if it barely reaches the bottom of your butt, it wouldn’t look so short without the stockings underlining how naked your thighs are. Add to that the fact you won’t be finding any panties in your bag. Although the shirt is white, someone could get a peek at your nipples under it and wonder what kind of bra you are wearing. But everything will be fast I promise. Indeed, all you have to do is get out of the gym wearing your outfit. Oh, but be friendly, say hi and chit-chat with any person you know at the gym as you find your way out. To get out you will have to climb the stairs. ...