1. Silence is Golden

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Quickie Sex, Author: PantslessWriter, Source: LushStories

    Sharp intake of breath. I bite my lip to keep myself quiet. My back arches and I bury my face in the sheets out of frustration. I look back with my bangs draped between my eyes, back at him. His fingers working my pussy from behind as I’m laying flat on my stomach. I clench the sheets tighter as he slips his fingers ever so slowly in and out of me. "Looks like you almost lost there." He whispers to me as he kisses the back of my neck. "Fuck you." I whisper back at him still resisting my urge to moan. He grins that stupid grin of his, his body laying against mine. "Remember, first one to cum loses." "Mmmmm… God damn it, I know…" I should have known better than to play this game again with Anton. Especially when my entire family was downstairs trying to enjoy the last of dinner. Anton and I have been together a month or so now, so I guess I should have seen the obligatory have-my-boyfriend-convince-my-parents-he’s-not-an-ass dinner coming soon enough. The dinner went okay I suppose except for the times he felt the need to brush my thigh, sending tingles down my spine and glance me that look of his. That devious little smile where only the left corner of his mouth dips up. I’d brush my ankle against his as a bit of revenge as I passed the salt shaker and shot him my “We’re-gonna-fuck-hard-when-I-get-you-alone” glance. He’d pretend not to see by pushing around the brussell sprouts on his plate but his smile suggested otherwise. If he hadn’t responded to my mother’s questions ... about his plans for the future so coherently, maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in my room, excused from the table early, getting hot and heavy with my jeans at my ankles and my panties pulled to the side. Anton decided he had enough of tormenting me and turned my head to face him as he kissed me, soft and lovingly, the sound of our kisses filling the air until we heard movement from downstairs. We both stopped looked at eachother and remained silent for a moment. We even stopped breathing for a second and didn’t loosen up until we heard nothing again. I let out a breath “False alarm.” I smiled as I kissed him again. "Here." I ordered him to lie on the bed. My legs positioned either side of his head and his cock in my hand. I stroked it gently and felt his breath against my pantied pussy. I sighed a bit. "There. Now we both have a fair shot of losing." I placed the head of his cock between my lips. I licked the tip a little and I heard a little gasp below me. I smiled and took an inch of him into my mouth a little more. At the same time, I feel him going to work on me as I feel the cold air of the room hit my wet pussy as he pulls my panties aside to have a taste. I grind my hips against his tongue as he begins working on me. I grab the base of his cock and begin moving my mouth up and down his length. His legs shifting under me causing the bed to squeak. "Shhh babe.. Stop moving so much!" I say hushed and whispered. "I… I can’t help it…" he mutters as he rubs my clit a little. I ...