1. Inflicting Pleasure

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: gilrenard, Source: LushStories

    “Fuck me hard, please,” she whispered in my ear. I carried her to her bed and undressed her slowly. She rolled on to her belly and watched me with a hunger in her eyes as I undid my belt. Her legs bent at her knees, lazily and slowly kicking her feet back and forth. I playfully struck her ass with my belt. The coy smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by an expressionless glare. At first I had thought I had hurt her, perhaps I had struck her too hard. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I remained silent and observed her. She slowly lifted her eyes to meet mine. The playful sparkle in them had turned to a dark, hungry fire. “You need more?” I had asked her in a low growl. She remained silent and pulled herself over the edge of the bed, her shoulders and head hanging off the side. She looked up at me for a moment and slowly brought her legs together. When she was satisfied that I had understood what she wanted, she lowered her head and let it dangle off the mattress. A barely audible sob left her lips as she offered her ass to me, ever so slightly lifting it into the air. She silently had given me her permission and trust, to mark her as I saw fit. I folded my belt and struck her ass again, harder. She bit down hard on the maroon bed cover, her hands clenched into fists. The belt bit in to her soft flesh for a third time. She winced and lifted her ass higher in to the air. The three crisscrossed pink welts on her ass glowed against the light flesh tone ... of her skin. The sight sent a lustful jolt through me. My cock throbbed to the rhythm of my pounding heart. My belt found her ass four more times in quick succession. She drove her hips in to the mattress and wiggled her ass slowly from side to side. She lifted her head and stared at me blankly. Tears were running down her cheeks from the corner of her eyes. Her eyes begged me to strike her again. I brought the belt down across the middle of her back. Her mouth flew open and her eyes widened. “Again,” she silently mouthed through trembling lips. I struck the middle of her back again and left the belt to rest where it had bit in to her. Slowly I pulled the belt away and reached out to feel the heat and welts on her ass and back. The touch of my fingers caressing her flesh sent a shiver through her. “More,” she pleaded in a lustful whisper. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head. “Kiss my cock,” I ordered, thrusting the bulge in my pants to her mouth. She greedily kissed my cock through my pants. Her lips parted and her tongue pressed hard against the head. I grunted and brought the belt down across her ass. The smacking sound of leather on flesh filled her bedroom. It echoed in my ears like a symphony. I struck her ass again, very hard. The sound was a higher pitch than the last. I knew I had broken skin. Her legs clamped together and her hips shot off the mattress. I brought the belt down across her back and across the back of her legs. She pressed her mouth harder against my ...