1. The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 13) - A Good Investment

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Authoritarian, Blackmail, Humiliation, Job / Office Sex, Lesbian, Straight Sex, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Author: All These Roadworks, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 13 A GOOD INVESTMENT After rubbing the sperm into her face and breasts, Laura dressed. Alistair decided to keep her bra as well today, so Laura was left entirely without underwear. There was no mirror to look in but Laura felt she must look like a disgusting whore, with her face smeared with cum and her tits semi-visible through the loose white fabric of her blouse. Sitting at her desk, Laura felt like everyone must be staring at her. Candy certainly was, the big-titted girl casting her disgusted glances. Maybe Geoff was too. She could still smell cum, and she knew she was smelling what she had just rubbed into her tits and face. Her pussy was still distractingly wet and it was impossible to concentrate on work. She just stared at her inbox and tried to pretend that she was working until she realised it was time for her to go to the restroom and suck on her dildo. She stumbled from her desk to the toilets and locked herself in a stall. Almost without thinking she took off her blouse and skirt to sit naked on the toilet, her hand immediately diving to her cunt to gratefully stroke it. She looked down at her shiny cum-smeared tits in dismay. Alistair had told her not to wash them off, and anyway Laura was not prepared to stand at a sink washing her tits where anyone might come in and see her. But maybe... Laura lifted her large breast toward her mouth, and was able to bring it up far enough that she could just stretch her tongue out to lick some of the flesh near the ... nipple. It tasted like cum; it tasted delicious. Laura eagerly suck as much dried cum as she could off her left tit, and then did the same with the right. Most of her boobs were still smeared in dried sperm but it was a little better. She just wished she could lick up the rest. Sighing, she took the dildo out of her purse and put it in her mouth, then settled back on the toilet with her legs spread to suck on the dildo and finger her twat for a blissful five minutes. She didn't cum - she honestly wasn't sure if she was allowed to, the clinic hadn't been clear - and so she eventually staggered out of the toilet stall, dressed once more, even hornier than when she had started. She didn't get far. There was someone else in the restroom - Candy. The buxom bimbo was standing just outside Laura's stall, and as Laura emerged, Candy pushed her back in, until both girls were in the toilet stall. Candy locked the door behind them. "What..." asked Laura, but Candy slapped a hand over Laura's mouth. "Listen, you little slut," Candy hissed. "Everyone at work knows that you're a liar and a slut now, who comes on to people and then lies about them doing things to her." Candy was pressed up against Laura; Laura could feel the girl's big fake tits pressing against Laura's own. "So you're going to do something for me. I'm not a disgusting lesbian like you but I've always wondered what it's like to.. you know, have a girl. So you're going to get down between my legs and do your disgusting lesbian ...