1. Heinz Horowicz: Madman or Genius

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: TraceyAmes, Source: LushStories

    Prelude Today, people can look in awe and wonder at the progress made in science and medicine. If you go back a mere fifty years, there were no organ transplants for: heart, liver, lung, cornea, kidney, spleen and more. The only vital organ that is missing today in transplants is the brain. The first experiments and transplants ever recorded were of the works of Johann Dippel who graduated from the University of Giessen (Germany) in 1693 at the age of twenty. Dippel practiced alchemy and anatomy in his lifetime and he experimented frequently with dead animals. Dippel was also an avid dissector. Some hundred years later, Heinz Horowicz, graduated from the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. He continued to work on the same field of research as Dippel. Heinz had his own laboratory in the basement of the castle where he performed experiments; firstly on dead animals, and later on dead human beings. His goal was to bring recently deceased bodies back to life using organs obtained from the dead. History has shown people regard Heinz as either a madman or a genius. Horowicz lived in his family built castle in Liechtenstein, a principality in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. The view from the castle overlooking the Rhine River far below is believed to be breathtaking. Horowicz, an only child, inherited the family castle after the passing of his parents in 1822. Heinz Horowicz married Vulnavia, a local upper-class woman who bore them a son, Heinrich. Heinrich sadly passed ... away shortly after his birth. After his son’s death, Heinz Horowicz became a recluse and locked himself inside Horowicz Castle and was rarely ever seen in public. This story gives some insight into the works of Heinz as told through his own writings, the eyes of his wife Vulnavia, as well as through the eyes of Calpurnia, his last remaining maid. In due course; the fates of Heinz, Vulnavia, Heinrich, and Calpurnia, will be revealed. *************** The night was storming around Horowicz Castle, lightning flashed through the heavens, lighting up the whole sky. Incessant rain pounded against the roof on the attic of the bluestone castle. In a laboratory located beneath the basement of the castle, a lone grotesque female figure rolled off a dissecting table. Constant arcing of electricity obtained from the lightning, illuminated that lone figure, revealing her nakedness. As the woman stabilized, she moved slowly but mechanically towards the candlelight sitting on a nearby table. This mysterious woman, or rather creature, could be seen to be disorientated as she slowly made her way around the laboratory. The creature had lost all recollection of her former life. Nothing seemed familiar to her as she navigated around the laboratory. In semi darkness and with water dripping onto the cold stone floor, the creature made her way to a large oak door. On trying to open the door, the woman found it to be locked. “Where am I?” she cried out aloud, “Where am I?” Looking across the room to ...