1. true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 5

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Mature, Voyeur, Author: thaone7421, Source: xHamster

    well after all that happened the last few days i was confused marta never brought up anything about what she had seen or done with mike..i had talked to mike to see what she had been telling him he said that she had made him promise to not say anything to me about anything that they had done,He did tell me that after the first time she showed her boobs on cam that she had said to him that it really turned her on to know that so many men were watching her naked breast and loving them she had thought they were to saggy and no one would like them,He said that he thought she had perfect breast while he played with them and sucked on them all the while she was playing with his cock,,he also told me that the third day when i left for work that she called him into our bedroom she told him she wanted to make love to him, he said he kept telling her no that he was afraid i might come back but she insisted and grabbed him by the cock and led him to our bed they undressed and she started sucking and licking his cock all over he said that she looked like she was possed but she made him cum and drank most of it this really upset me but i told him to go on he said she lay on the bed and told him to take it easy but that she wanted to try and ttake all of his cock he said she put oil over his cock and he began to insert his cock in her hairy pussy it took about 5 minutes but she was able to get most of it in,,he said marta was only the third girl he had fucked and that it felt so good ... because the other girls could not take that much he said it felt so good that he was telling her that he loved her,they both came she was spent and just wanted to sl**p for awhile,,he just kept telling me how sorry he was that he had fucked her and told her he loved her. when i had gotten to the motel room that third day i saw my wife in bed but had no clue she had just been fucked but now i know why she was able to take his cock when they were on cam,,i went out and told mike that we had to take a break for awhile till i can sort things out,he again apologized to me.the ride to his house was somewhat strained but i told him i was not mad at him and i was glad he told me,.when i got home my wife asked me where mike was i just told her he wasnt feeling well and i took him home,she asked what was wrong with him i said i didnt know. that night wanted to make love to my wife to see how much mike had fucked up her pussy but she said she was still on her period i kept insisting knowing that she wasnt on her period she finally said she would give me a bj since i was so horny while she was sucking me i just closed my eyes and replayed what i had seen on cam and thinking about what mike had told me how she had drank his cum,so decided i was going to cum in her mouth also when i shot in her mouth she jumped back and spit it out i told her to plz hurry and finish me with her hand but she jumped off the bed and ran yo the RR leaving me to finish myself, when she returned she was still mad and ...