1. To work or not to work?

    Date: 9/14/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: kittykat94, Source: LushStories

    My favorite time of day is always the first few moments before one has to get out of bed in the morning. The bed always feels so soft and so warm and it’s especially nice when you have someone lying next to you. Over Christmas you asked me to come visit you in the spring. I could hear the blush in your voice when you insisted that you wanted me. You warned me you’d have to work a few of the days, but assured me that I could go sightseeing instead. I had already been with you for a day and a night. As I begin to wake that morning images, sounds, and feelings from the previous night rush through my brain in a haze. The taste of you and your lips as you gave me the first sweet kiss, tasting of the strawberries we’d had for dessert. The feeling of my clothes sliding off my skin, your hot breath, panting as I let you touch my body. The feeling of you inside me, around me, on top of me; the feeling of you everywhere. Slowly I come to, my mind pulling out of the hazy memories. The bed is warm with the heat of the two of us, sheets bearing down on my naked frame. I keep my eyes closed, memorizing the feeling of your arms around me while you sleep. I frown. There is something at the back of my mind, something I can’t quite remember… Oh that’s it, you work today. Suddenly I feel you stir and stretch, pressing your throbbing morning wood against my back. My frown quickly turns in to a wicked grin. If you do have to go, at least I was going to make sure you leave happy. I roll over, ... pressing my body against yours, feeling the way yours reacts to mine even though you aren’t fully awake. I hear you mumble out a slight moan and your arms tighten around me. Slipping my leg up around your waist, I pepper your neck with kisses, pulling your hips closer to mine. Your cock twitches and I smile. Moving my hips slightly I align them with your cock, thinking about how you’ll love waking up deep inside my pussy. The head presses against my wet opening. Suddenly a harsh beeping sound fills the room. Your eyes snap open and you let out a groan, reaching out to silence the alarm. I pull my leg back and pout, feeling my wet lips press together. My swollen clit aches in protest, but I reach over and turn your face to mine, placing a light kiss on your lips. “Good morning sexy,” I whisper, taking your hand in mine. You smile at me, a genuine smile that lights up your whole face. With a sexy smirk I take your hand and guide it down between my legs, letting you feel the sopping wetness; letting you feel my need for you. You groan and your cock twitches, a slight movement that lifts the covers. You pull me in for a heated kiss, your tongue swiping at my lower lip, asking for entrance. I open my mouth wide, greeting your tongue with my own, filling my body with a sweet heat. After a moment of kissing you break away and glance at your alarm clock. “Sweetie,” you whisper, your light breath scattering a few strands of hair. “I have to get up and get ready. I have to work today, but ...