1. My Last Summer Before College: Chapter 1

    Date: 9/14/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: _O2_, Source: LushStories

    When I was younger we lived in a small town that hosted the county fair. My parents would take my little sister and I to see the animals, ride the various amusements, and to see the homemade items that county fairs are famous for. We looked at all the huge vegetables, the quilts, canned foods and nick knacks but my favorite were the animals. We didn't have the room for any farm creatures where we lived so the closest I could get was the fair. I loved walking through the animal barns, the sheep, pigs, cows, rabbits, goats all were so cute and clean. I knew we could never get one but I dreamed about them anyway. My parents wanted us exposed to animals and to know where our food came from. I didn't want to believe that one of those little cuties could eventually be on our dinner table but, sadly it was a fact. As I got older the animal barns slowly lost their appeal, that is until the year I turned eighteen. Maggie, my younger sister had already turned seventeen and was looking forward to moving into my old room because I was heading off to college in the Fall. The fair was in June right after graduation; Maggie and I went one last time to please our parents. She had lost interest too. She was more concerned about her friends, cute guys and when I was going to get my stuff out of her new room. I was waiting for college to begin and in no big hurry to box up my things. I had broken up with my boyfriend after prom because he couldn't handle a long distance relationship. We were ... walking around one of the show rings marveling at the Hereford bulls who almost looked like giant stuffed animals. We stood watching them being paraded around in front of the judges all dolled up, so clean and neat. I made a comment about the kids leading them dressed as cowboys and cowgirls not knowing anything about being a cowboy. Well, much to my embarrassment a woman leading a horse over heard me. “Young lady you have no idea what it takes to be a cowboy. Look at you, all nicely dressed, clean as can be. I bet you've never been within ten feet of a farm or ranch.” I stood there dumbfounded, she was right. “Yes, ma'am you're right. I'm sorry. I apologize.” A wry smile appeared as her tone lightened. “If you want to see a tiny bit of what it takes to get these animals ready you can follow me and I'll show you.” I looked at my parents and Maggie to see if they would help me out. They stood there enjoying my predicament. She offered her hand, “My name is Jolene. I run the Circle J ranch about ten miles from town. This is Cinnamon one of my quarter horses.” I shook her hand and introduced us, “My name is Christine, this is my sister Maggie and these are our parents, Bill and Cynthia. I'm pleased to meet you. I'd love to see your horses.” She shook hands with everyone then led us through the show area to her stall. She put Cinnamon away then proceeded to show us all the equipment and supplies she used to get her horses ready. We were all amazed at what was involved. “Would you ...