1. New Life

    Date: 9/14/2017, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Author: klammer, Source: xHamster

    Our New Life A husband reveals his desire to crossdress and is met with unexpected enthusiasm from his wife. She changes his life in ways he had never dreamed possible and creates a life for him where he is totally helpless and dependant on her. I was halfway between sl**p and fully awake effort to breathe. It is being done for me. I can hear a mechanical sound that coincides with every breath I take in. A click starts it and then the whirring sound of an electric motor running. The first few times I awoke to this sound I went through a period of confusion and it still affects me that way but to a lesser degree. I know the sound is the motor operating the bellows of the Iron Lung I am locked inside. The feel of the leather straps holding my arms and legs tightly to the cot inside the steel chamber and the tight collar surrounding my neck only reinf***e what I already know. I can also feel the collar pull away from my chin when the bellows draws the air out of the chamber and causes air to rush into my lungs. I finally open my eyes and there is no surprise that all I can see is the ceiling and the end of the steel chamber that holds my body with only my head protruding through the collar that provides the airtight seal so the lung can breathe for me. I turn my head to the right and see Renee right beside me. She is looking at me and I can tell by her expression that her Milking Pants are functioning also. I watch a moment as the collar rises and falls around her neck as the ... pressure in the chamber rises and falls. As the Iron Lung allows air to flow from my lungs I can speak and I say, &#034Good Morning my love&#034. As soon as the machine reaches another exhalation cycle she replies, &#034Good Morning Teresa, I love you&#034. I try to reach out and touch her but the leather straps hold my arm tight. We sl**p in an Iron Lung almost every night but it is still a bit of a surprise every morning when I wake up and realize I am locked in this steel prison. I don't understand why this is the one thing I have so much trouble accepting because our bodies, or some part of them, are always locked in some sort of prison, be it steel, fiberglass, plastic, leather, heavy boned fabric or some combination of the above. Our bodies are not our own any more. We belong to our Mistresses to do with as they desires and their desires are bizarre and varied. Their total possession and control of our bodies is never more overwhelming than when we are being milked and that process is proceeding at an increased pace now. The suction is pulling my breasts and genitals into their chambers more quickly now and with more f***e. It is no longer just a gentle tug but a rapid and strong f***e that immediately slams and holds them against the rigid walls as the electricity flows through in strong and vibrating waves that cause my body to arch and lift off the cot and only the heavy leather straps keep me firmly tied to the cot inside the steel chamber. The Iron Lung continues to ...