1. Fifteen Girls (Unfinished)

    Date: 9/15/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Death, Extreme, Humiliation, Murder, Snuff, Teen, Torture, Author: Johnyryona, Source: sexstories.com

    FIFTEEN GIRLS The girls were scattered throughout the various rooms of Ashley's mom's gigantic mansion. Talking amongst themselves about the boys they liked in school, the lingerie they had decided to wear to Ashley's "Lingerie Party" that night, and of course about each other. "Did you hear about Anita?" Stacey was telling Kelley, Kristy and MIsty in a hushed voice from across the room. Kristy and MIsty, the twins of the party both shook their heads no. "Her mom got her implants for her sweet 16 last month, havent you noticed they were looking a little bit bigger from the last lingerie party Ashley threw?" Stacey was telling the girls. The twins looked at each other, and then giggled quietly. "I knew it! I told you Misty!" Kristy said pinching her twin sisters arm. "OW!" Misty said overreacting to the pinch. "I guess you were right Kris, and here I thought it was a pushup bra" Misty said rubbing her pinched arm. On another side of the room Andrea, Lacy and Kayla were talking about Kayla's new black lace pushup bra that she had just bought from Victoria's Secret the day before. "Fucking 60 dollars for a bra!" Kayla exclaimed angrily looking down at her 34d's, that were nearly touching her chin they were pushd up so high. "It seems to do the trick" Lacy shrugged, "I mean, your boobs look like their about to explode right out of the bra." Andrea sighed looking at her natural 34dd's in her pink lace pushup bra. "I wish I could wear a pushup bra without being in so much pain, ... these lingerie parties are the only time I get to wear one without having to really walk around. My tits totally kill my back" She said. DING DONG "Oh that must be the pizza man!" Ashley said excitingly running towards the door. "I hope he's cute!" Stephanie said to Dana and Holly as the girls fixed their breasts into thier bras. DING DONG The doorbell rang again. "Hold your horses!" Ashley said going to the door and opening the peephole to look outside. "What... the fuck?" She said quietly, almost scared. "Whats wrong ashley?" Loryn asked walking into the room. "I think someone is playing a joke on us, it looks like there's a monster outside or something" Ashley replied not taking her eyes of the peephole. BOOM!!! From out of nowhere the wooden door exploded into a thousand splinters across the room, and standing on the outside of it was an inhuman beast, certainly no pizza man at all. It had to be close to 8 feet tall, with large void black eyes, and sharp teeth that curled into an evil smile when he gazed upon all the girls in thier fancy underclothes. "Did I come at a bad time!" He said grabbing Ashley by her head forcefully its massive hands. Make an example out of her death: Since Ashley is the first death out of all the girls, I'd figure he would probably make an example out of her, something quick and easy, yet still very gory and bloody. Ashley is fifteen years old. She has light blonde hair wrapped into a pony tail and light blue eyes that compliments her pale skin ...