1. Chapter 1 Sandras new life - Sandra sold for drugs

    Date: 9/15/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cruelty, Drug, Humiliation, Scatology, Slavery, Violence, Author: Captain Boner, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 1 Sandra's new life - Sandra sold for drugs Please not this story is 100% not real Sandra was a troubled girl she drinks smokes lives in a bad area got brought up with the wrong crowd in a drug fueled rage. She lived with her mother she has been on drugs ever since she could remember she didint have much of a connection with her mother she was always getting hit by past boyfriends sometimes Sandra was used for sex so that her mother could get on the drugs. Her mother has been selling Sandra to other men for drugs ever since she was 12 but after a while she eventually got use to it whenever her mother was out of cash and she had a drug dealer on the couch Sandra knew her pussy was gonna get a pounding or sometimes her mouth would get a pounding but at least they all respected her enough to cum on her stomach every time. Sandra is now 16 and she has a boyfriend of her own who is 18 and beats her all the time and is a drug addict like her mother but she loved him so much she did not have even 1 shred of respect for herself. One day Sandra and her boyfriend were at his house lying on the couch watching movies but her boyfriend wasent really paying attention he was to busy snorting cocaine until he got so high and agressive he grabbed Sandra by her hair shouting at her he is gonna fuck her now he dragged her to the bedroom they both started taking their clothes of Sandra got in her usual position lying on her back with her legs spread but her boyfriend had other plans he ... grabbed her side and turned her on her stomach shouting at her im gonna fuck you in the ass really violently Sandra could not say a word her boyfriend had her face smashed into the pillow he spread her ass cheeks he could feel him spit on it then shortly after dive his thumb into her dry tight ass he positioned his cock at the opening of her asshole and pushed his cock into her ass with one huge thrust she screamed in pain through the pillow trying to tell him to stop it hurts but everything she said was muted by her pillow he thrust his cock in and out of her tight ass the more her ass stretched the more she started to bleed the mixture of blood and specs of her shit lubricated his cock making it more easier to slip in and out, he was getting closer to cumming he pulled his cock out of her damaged ass and pulled Sandra from the pillow before she could say a word her boyfriend shoved his shit and blood coated cock in her mouth and demanded that she sucks it clean Sandra had no choice but to suck she could taste her own bitter shit along with the metalic taste of her blood in her mouth she could feel his dick in the back of her throat. After a few throat fucks Sandra could feel something erupting in her mouth he was cumming in her mouth this was the first time tasting cum for her , her boyfriend withdrew his cock Sandra fell to her knees with cum falling out of her mouth her boyfriend did not like this he wanted her to swallow he imeadiately kicked her in the mouth and threw ...