1. The Twins: Two Bodies, One Soul

    Date: 9/16/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Alien, Bisexual, Teen, First Time, Incest, Mind Control, Monster, Author: linky_fangs, Source: sexstories.com

    THIS ISN'T THE WHOLE STORY! It's a teaser of an idea I had while writing my other series! Based on your feedback, I may finish this story for my fans. Either way, I am still continuing to work on The Sixth Prince! “I love your hair; you should let it down more” “I hate your hair; you should hack at it with a brush.” Sylan’s laugh danced through the air. “I do.” His sly hand quickly loosened the knot that held his twin’s braided hair. Mylan felt him, but let him. The pressure eased as it unravelled in his fingers. For once in a very long time, the two brothers looked identical; their differences could never be told of or seen at that moment. Ever since birth, they both shared the exact shade of rich ruby skin that grew in intensity around their bodies’ sensitive areas. Their slender ears peeked out from beneath their long inky hair, which fell past their slim shoulders and hung around their waists. They both had the same dark, nearly black eyes as they looked at each other in a mild fascination. Beside them, their identical, slender tails that naturally grew dark crimson at the arrowed tip, swayed timidly in the still air. The same blush of deep red shadowed the powerful muscles in their demonic figures. Sylan might say that they looked almost human. Mylan would be quick to correct him. Sylan grinned at his twin in admiration; it wasn’t often that his counterpart relaxed and let himself wind down. Mylan huffed in annoyance as stray, frizzy black strands fell across his face. ... “Lay down and rest, it will calm you.” He was greeted by a dark glare, though they both knew it was an empty threat. Slowly, Mylan complied and softly leaned back on their freshly made bed. With a heavy breath, the demon gazed up at the dark, obsidian ceiling of the dome they lived in and then causally rolled onto his side. He watched as Sylan straightened up a few loose, greatly aged spell books that had fallen to the side on their shelf. Curiously, he paused and studied one closely. Sylan tossed it behind him to his twin. Mylan reached to the side and examined it with mild interest. “I got you something” Sylan smiled back at him. “I was there when you got it...” Mylan spoke flatly. The other demon sighed and casually leaned back against the curved wall of the dome shaped room in remembrance. They had gone for a stroll through the plaza while it was busiest, chatting and glancing at the many shops and carts. A particular object had caught Sylan’s eye, so he went to inspect it. Mylan, as usual, had followed him. After all, they couldn’t wander too far apart without showing signs of heartbreak or insanity; shared the same soul. From the day they were born, they were inseparable. Though he had been very near, Mylan hadn’t seen exactly what his brother had collected, for it he had already slipped it inside the fabric of his royal coat. But however fast he had been, Mylan was still perfectly aware that he had gotten something . <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> On the bed, ...