1. The Hunted

    Date: 9/18/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Cruelty, Hardcore, Rape, Spanking, Author: stratjunkie, Source: sexstories.com

    I had been following her for 3 months, ever since she caught my eye in the mall. Her eyes were what drew my attention while I was sitting and eating my pizza slice. She didn't even notice me as she walked by heading for the parking lot, her green eyes sweeping the crowd while talking on her phone. I let her get 10 feet behind me before I stood up and started toward the door. I dumped the pizza into the trash on the way out, barely noticing anything besides her ass swaying back and forth. I almost laughed to myself as I followed her out the door and to her car. I kept walking past her and hooked over, pretending to work my keys in a truck. As she drove away I wrote down the tags. I walked to my car and laughed to myself. The fact that a 6'6 guy could follow a sexy thing like her and not only not be noticed by the public, but also not even have her notice me made me start thinking. Much like other guys, as soon as I saw her I wanted her. My cock stirred a bit as I started thinking about things. A rough plan started to formulate in my mind. The next day at work I waited and near the end of the shift I called in a traffic stop. I stayed right where I was, never moving. The best part of my job is when someone sees a Deputy cruiser sitting on the side of the road no one bothers you. Nice and peaceful. Anyway, I called in the tag number and got her name, address, and the fact she was +5 on her license. I waited a few minutes and radio'd dispatch, letting them know I let her off ... with a warning. Now I have the information I needed. Elizabeth. Quite a pretty name, it fit her. I sat and thought about what I was going to do with her when I got my hands on her. On my next day off I went and sat outside of her building, watching and waiting. Her car was parked off to the side, so I knew she was home. I fingered my off duty weapon and plotted. There! She was walking out the door and got into her vehicle. I started my car and followed her as she went about her errands. I almost had a heart attack when she dropped something and bent to pick it up. Her skirt started to rise and I could just see the bottom of her panties. I got a jolt in my crotch. I followed her a few more days before my shift started again. With my time off I began setting up my basement, preparing for her arrival. I got a two spare sets of handcuffs and a pair of shackles from work. We use them for prisoner transport, but this time there would be no traveling. I took a couch and put it downstairs, along with a TV and a rug, something to make it a bit warmer. I built a wooden cross, a table with the top just a little below my crotch level, and a some eye hooks in the wall and ceiling. There were some paddles and whips sitting in a drawer under the table, ready for easy access. Following her was too easy, she was so wrapped up in her own world that reality never even entered her mind. Of course, everyone was like that. Too busy staring at their text messages and phones to notice the predators ...