1. Murder on the Mainline: another Mike Claymore Mystery Chapter 15

    Date: 9/20/2017, Categories: Fiction, Cruelty, Death, Horror, Group Sex, Murder, Violence, Author: davebccanada, Source: sexstories.com

    CHAPTER FIFTEEN 4TH WEDNESDAY The alarm wakes Mike at six thirty. He quickly turns it off so as to not disturb Marlene. She's laying half on top of him and he tries to slip out from under her without her waking. She stirs and mutters, "Why you getting up so early? The kids won't be up for an hour yet." She wiggles back over him. Mike stretches and explains he has to be in New Westminster at nine. With the morning rush hour he's going to need an hour and a half. He finishes his explanation by slapping both hands down over the cheeks of her ass and pulling her tight to his center. "So let's get to it." They both laugh and do just that. Mike has to rush to get on the road by seven thirty but succeeds and melds in with the others rushing toward Vancouver. He gets a lucky break and catches the lights through Langley so he arrives in Surrey in under an hour, crosses the bridge and arrives at Royal Columbian in New Westminster by eight forty. He goes right up to the Recovery Room and finds they have just moved Marie to Intensive Care. He walks over to the IC ward and Charlie greets him with a smile. "Traffic heavy this morning?" "Not too bad. I caught the green lights in Langley, so I just whipped right through. How is she?" "Hurting. They moved her just a few minutes ago. Doctor hasn't been in yet. RCMP detective was in to get a statement from her just after eight. Didn't hang around. Said she might be back. The patient was awake frequently through the night and disoriented. She ... sure is scared of that old man of hers but I was able to reassure her. I guess that's all. Left a shift report there for you. Need me again tonight?" "I don't know, Chuck. I'll have to play it by ear today. It doesn't look like her boyfriend's going to be arrested so I'm going to have to arrange protection for her until she can get out of his reach. I'll try to give you as much warning as I can if I need you." "Okay lad, I'm out of here then. See you later." Mike checks on Marie who is sleeping restlessly. A nurse comes in briefly to check on her. "The desk had a call from a man who claims he's her husband. He just called a few minutes ago and wanted to know about visiting. They told him she cannot have visitors at this time, but he insisted he was family. He may come in." "I expected that. When will the doctor be in?" "He's in now. He will be right along." "Can I get a phone in here? I can't use my cell phone because of hospital rules." "I'll try to arrange one right away." "Thank you. She must not see the man who says he's her husband. She's terrified of him. He put her in here. Can you have hospital security give me a call?" "I'll do that. Here's the doctor now." She goes and speaks with the doctor briefly. They check on other patients in the ward and confer. As they come to Marie, the doctor checks her chart. "X-rays are available on her now. I looked them over this morning. This young lady is lucky to be alive. She has a bad concussion and damage to her ear canal. Probably ...