1. Old Man Forecfully Uses Me 1

    Date: 9/21/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Humiliation, Teen, Non-consensual sex, Older, Author: LolitaBae619, Source: sexstories.com

    Hi my name is Nikita and I'm going to tell you about the day I was used by an old man. I'm a really shy girl with very few friends and I'm a senior in high school(just turned 18). I don't usually go out much because as I said I'm really shy with strangers and don't know how to interact. My breasts are a C cup with abundant cleavage and I have reddish pink nipples; and although I'm not fat my body is pretty chubby. I have a cute round butt that's really soft. I like to look at myself in the mirror while naked because I think my body is pretty hot. I'm a brunette with brown eyes and I love natural makeup, I think it enhances my features. I go to school on the train because it's far from my home and in the mornings and evenings it's usually very busy. It takes about an hour for me to get to school and back. My school has a uniform, navy blue tie and knee length skirt with a white button up shirt and formal shoes and socks. The day this happened I was really tired and sweaty because we had a PE class that day and it was a really hot day. When I stepped on the train it was more crowded than usual seeing as it was the last day of the week. I found a hand rail to hold and stand. There was a lot of pushing and bumping into people and I myself accidentally bumped into the lady next to me quite a lot of times. When the train made one of the stops an older man stepped on and deliberately pushed himself into the tiny space behind me. This made me feel really uncomfortable because he kind ... of stank and looked like he was from the lower tier of society. After a while I felt his hand on my waist. I completely froze. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do. My voice was stuck in my throat so I couldn't even tell him off. He moved his hand down slowly and grabbed my waist. Meanwhile I could feel a bulge behind me pressing between my thighs. I'm not completely innocent, I've come across porn on the Internet and I knew what the "bulge" was. At this point my hands started shaking but the man didn't stop. He took advantage of the frequent stops to bump his bulge between my thighs again and again. A while later I felt his hand on the bulge and I was confused as to what he was doing. I understood moments later, he had unzipped his fly and his penis was free. I felt it bunch up my skirt and push it between my thighs softly. I heard the man groan softly from behind. My eyes started watering. I was so scared and I was praying someone would notice what he was doing to me because I was too scared to call him out on it. The next thing he did made me start crying full on. He slowly lifted my skirt, and put his penis between my sweaty thighs and started moving it back and forth gently. He didn't need any lubrication because I was already so sweaty. I could also feel his balls on the back of my thighs. They felt like they'd been cleanly shaved. I was crying silently with tears running down my face and kept wiping them. After a while of fucking my thighs he got more daring as I ...