1. European Nightmare Part III

    Date: 9/22/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Lesbian, Teen, Rape, Teen, Spanking, Torture, Toys, Author: JoshuaJones, Source: sexstories.com

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Contains adult themes. The author does not condone any of the actions depicted in this work. The actions depicted here are to be read only by those who recognise the moral and legal implications of these actions, and understand that this tale is purely fantasy. Please do not read if you are easily offended, or find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Author’s Note: I would like to ask for any feedback whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. Whatever it is, be it criticisms, praises, suggestions for the characters or plot, queries or requests I would be delighted to hear them. Enjoy. Greta’s shoes echoed on the stone floor as she walked slowly and purposefully down the stairs. She had showered, eaten and rested, and now was ready to continue. It had been only a couple of hours since she had been down in the basement, but she was already itching to get back and play with her new toys. And this time, she was going to have some fun. She liked to show as little emotion as possible at the beginning, but now she was going to enjoy herself. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed herself before, whipping those giant tits had given her so much pleasure. Watching Mehmet and Hasan brutally fuck the three girls had been equally satisfying. But things were about to be stepped up a notch. She had incredible discipline, and had managed to resist the urge to cum ... throughout the previous session, but it was finally time for her relief. She continued down the stairs, already knowing exactly what she was going to do. Olivia perked up as soon as she heard the rap of the heels on the floor, knowing exactly who was coming back. The poor girl could still scarcely believe what had happened to her and her friends in a space of just a few hours. However, despite having only been in the basement for a handful of hours, to Olivia it felt like years. She had been raped herself and had watched her friends raped and beaten, and for an innocent girl like her it had been a terrible time, and there was absolutely no sign of it stopping any time soon. Since Greta had left their ordeal had not ended. Hasan and Mehmet had wasted little time in carrying out Greta’s instructions. One at a time they had roughly taken the girl’s out to a room adjacent to the basement, starting with Holly. Mehmet quickly unhooked her arms and with one arm under her massive tits he carried her off. Ten minutes later the men returned with Holly, and hooked her back into the same position, before doing exactly the same with Lucy. Finally it was Olivia’s turn. Hasan and Mehmet brought her down to the floor, before undoing her complicated bondage, leaving just her wrists tied behind her back, and between them carrying her weak body off. Once inside, Olivia was greeted by a very bright light, which lit up a brilliant white room. On one side stood a steel lavatory, there was a hose coiled on ...