1. Mother's day Surprise

    Date: 9/26/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Gay, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Wife / MILF, Author: Scott Heywood, Source: sexstories.com

    Mothers Day was coming and I wasn't sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn't be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to me to make Her day special. I had it all planned out... I let Her sleep in...which She really enjoyed. She woke to a nice homemade breakfast. I started a nice hot shower for Her after breakfast. While She was showering, I laid out a sexy black nighty, a pair of lacy socks, and a pair of comfortable black dress shoes. She got dressed after drying Her hair and applying a modest amount of makeup that included fire engine-red lipstick. I helped Her put on Her knee-length black jacket and We headed to the Van. The drive was about 30 minutes and She did most of it with the Jacket open and pinching Her nipples while she played with Her pussy. When We arrived at Our destination, She modestly closed the jacket and We walked in the back door, scanned Our keys, I paid the money, and We walked into the dark, couch-filled theater where She promptly removed the jacket so all the Strangers stroking Their cocks could see Her by the light of the Mothers Day porn playing on the big screen. My Buddy Mark was already there and guided Us to one of the back couches until our eyes could adjust. Lisa sat between Us and We 3 promptly started to play while a growing crowd of Strangers with cocks in hand formed. Lisa went to sucking Marks cock right away while I pulled up the lacy nighty and stuck a ... finger in each of Her holes. I motioned for the closest stranger to touch Her and He immediately grabbed one of Her firm C-cup breasts with his free hand, kneading it and tweaking Her large, firm nipple. Mark was already worked up and was exploding into Lisa's mouth in less than 10 minutes. After sucking the last drop of cum from His cock He got up and I spun Lisa around so She could suck me leaving Her bare ass up and ready to be fucked. I handed a condom to the Guy that was groping Her breasts which He put on and without hesitation slammed His cock into Her pussy making Her utter a mild, cock-muffled yelp of pleasure. He wasted no time and began fucking Her furiously. He lasted almost as long as Mark and after a few jolting thrusts pulled from Lisa's juicy pussy. I held a condom over Her upraised ass which was snatched, put on, and disappeared into Her. 5 minutes later my cum was added to Marks in my Wife's stomach. Lisa stood, much to the surprise of the Stranger fucking Her. She took Him by the hand and pulled Him behind Her as She bent over the couch in front of me. He slammed His cock back into Her and I told the other cock-stroking Strangers that She had an empty mouth. One Stranger stepped up on the couch and Lisa sucked His half-hard cock into Her VERY skilled mouth. She was fucked from both ends another 5 minutes before both Strangers came. My Wife was now 2-0-3 and there was another 8 or-so Strangers standing around stroking. I held out another condom as another ...