1. Park and Ride Spanking (Part 1)

    Date: 9/26/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: skaysmedism, Source: LushStories

    Sheila drives into the church lot and parks her car. She grabs her belongings, locks the car, and heads away from the Neighborhood Park and Ride to catch the bus. Today is like any other work day right up until the point that the groundskeeper intercepts her as she turns from the car. "Good morning Miss. Can I have a moment of your time?" Smiling as she checks her watch, Sheila nods and follows him into the side door of the church and down a dark hallway into what she surmises is the groundskeeper’s office. Once inside, he turns, signaling for her to be seated in a chair as he moves to the other side of his desk. Sitting forward in the chair Sheila takes a calming breath and says, "Umm, can I ask what you need? I really should be getting to work." "Well it is not what I need that brings us here. I've been reading profiles online and it seems that you are in need of a disciplinarian." "But ... how .. can you know this?" Sheila gasps realizing she has just admitted it is her profile that he has been reading. She scrambles to get up then sinks back into it when he pushes her firmly back down into the seat. "Relax dear. I don't bite. I simply want you to know we have someone interested in providing what you seek, and both he and this office will be made available if you'd like to submit to one or more sessions," he states calmly pressing a glass of water into Sheila's hands. "Now let me tell you what's going to happen. I'm going to leave you in this office take as long as you ... want to drink some water and calm yourself for work. Tomorrow when you enter the Park and Ride Lot, simply park in the spot to right of the door, and wait in your car if you want to be spanked." === The next day, Sheila pulls into the church lot and drives around in circles, stopping in several spots before finally pulling into the spot that will get her spanked. Nervously she looks around and gasps when the church door opens and the groundskeeper exits the building, and walks up to the car. "Good morning! I see you've made your decision," he says opening the car door, reaching in to grab her by the hand, help her from the car, and escort her into his office. "Today you don't sit. Stand behind the chair. Good." Sheila watches nervously as he moves around the desk and picks up the phone. "Hello Mark. The woman we spoke about has arrived. She spent quite a bit of time driving around the parking lot changing spots several times before settling in the spot that indicates she has been a very bad girl and is reporting for a spanking. She is here in my office now. I will put you on speaker phone." "Good morning Sheila. You will address me as sir ... do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." "Good. Now, I have read your profile thoroughly. I will make sure you are brought to tears and have very red and sore behind. Sitting for the ride to work and any duties at your desk will be difficult today. If you need a break, reach your limit, or wish to talk simply use your safe word which I understand is ...