1. Hands on Training

    Date: 9/26/2017, Categories: Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Job / Office Sex, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Spanking, Author: thesameoldman, Source: sexstories.com

    How the fuck did I end up here? It was supposed to only be a three day trip to attend the mandatory OSHA training that was required by my company to attend every year. The only good things about these trips usually meant I ate good and had a few drinks on the ole expense account, but this time was different. I had to miss the normally scheduled class and attend the make-up date. This meant there were less people from my company attending, in fact there was only one other person going, and that person was the smoking hot, younger lady that also worked in my department. Even though I am technically her bosses’ boss and ten years older than her (I am 40, she is 30), I constantly catch myself staring at her when she walks by. Thinking about what that body must look like underneath her uniform. Even though the uniforms required are by no means flattering to anyone, she fills hers out nicely. The first day of our training we sat beside each other in class and flirted back and forth throughout the day. I noticed a real difference in her demeanor around me outside of the workplace. Normally she was reserved and quiet, but today she was a totally different person. My perverted mind kept thinking of all the bad things I wanted to do this girl! After the first day of class, we checked into a nearby hotel (separate rooms of course). As we were walking to the elevator, I asked her if she was hungry. She stated that she wasn’t all that hungry, but was interested in having a few drinks at ... the bar we saw across the street as we were pulling in. As we were finding our rooms, I told her to get freshened up and we would meet in the lobby in about a couple hours. My mind was racing…was this happening? Did she really want to have drinks with me, or just have drinks? She was definitely flirting today….Oh, wow! This might turn out good…. An hour later, after a quick workout in the hotel gym, a shower, and fresh change of clothes, I stroll into the lobby. I look around and find her sitting on the couch thumbing through her phone. My mouth about dropped. I’m sure I stood there staring for much longer than I should. She had changed into a tight sweater dress that was way too short and hugged her curves in all the right spots. She looked up at me, bit her lower lip and then smiled back at me. I asked if she was ready for a drink and she told me to lead the way. The bar was not very crowded, but they had a pretty decent band. We talked a lot, we drank a lot! When the band would play a song she liked, she would get up and dance. The girl could move! I loved watching her, whether she was sitting across from me or if she was dancing. She was beautiful. Even though we were having fun, I suggested we try the hotel bar and see what they had to offer. I paid our tab and we headed for the door. When we opened the door the wind nearly knocked us down. A storm was coming and it was cold! We hurried back to the hotel and found the hotel bar. I ordered another beer for us, but she told ...