1. A Silly Note: Part 2 - Gaden gets caught

    Date: 9/26/2017, Categories: Spanking, Author: Twinkle, Source: LushStories

    Standing in his kitchen, Gaden glanced at the house keys sitting on the kitchen counter that belonged to his neighbor Jan, Ms. Tannersby. Jan, the woman who entrusted him and his sister with taking care of her snail mail while gone on a business trip. Jan, a woman who actually gave him a spanking over her lap and was willing to do it again. It had been four days since Jan left on business, five days since Jan had spanked him over her lap with a wooden bath brush and Gaden and his sister Mary both contributed to gathering Jan’s mail and placing it on her wooden painted teal rusted colored kitchen table, the chairs the same color accented by a mix of yellow and blue dyed lilies in a cylinder glass vase on the center of the table which they watered along with plants along the kitchen window cell. In the late morning when he dropped off the mail, Gaden noticed the summer sunlight would shine through windows into the octagon shaped kitchen of which the teal rectangle shaped table was perfectly placed to catch the welcome wake-up of the day, the sun rays creating a prism of colors through the glass vase in the center of the table when viewed from a certain angle. Today was Friday, and it was the last day he or his sister would have to gather the mail for Jan. The past week, every time he entered her house to place the mail on her kitchen table, he would catch a whiff of Jan’s scent, a mix of Este Lauder – Beautiful perfume which she wore when he first met her and spanked him. The ... smell of fresh air mixed with coconut spawned by the scented plugins in the family room and kitchen and a hint of lavender which he could tell predominantly came from the upstairs touched his senses and made him feel relaxed and shaped his intuition into perceiving a very clean and well-kept house of which his eyes concurred and it made summer feel in order. The upstairs . Where Jan would sleep and shower and read a book or fumble with the ipad perhaps or watch tv – if there was one. He did not have the guts to go upstairs the last four days; only taking to task his duty of retrieving her mail and placing it on the kitchen table next to her personal flower garden confined within the glass vase. He thought about going up there to just take a peek at some of her clothes and such but he didn’t. She had mentioned to wear leather pants after the last time she spanked him. Was she serious? Did she actually own a pair? It could have been Thursday or any other day of the week. For Gaden, when he thought about the day of the week, it was always Tuesday and for some reason he would think ‘Tomorrow is always Wednesday.’ Except this time, it was Friday. Jan was coming home in the afternoon. This could be his last chance to take a peek. He looked at the house keys, setting on the kitchen counter, again. He looked at the clock on the kitchen wall. 3:33pm. Jan would not be home until about 6:00pm he surmised, and his sister was at work. Though Jan could get today’s mail, maybe he could get ...