1. babysitter P.t 3: the finale

    Date: 9/26/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Lesbian Sex, Author: pussyeater3300, Source: xHamster

    After the exquisite night with Francine and Mary, I was floating on cloud nine for days, full of little secret smiles and occasional wide grins that had mom and dad totally puzzled, but they were glad that I was so happy, and fortunately didn’t ask too many questions. But when I went back to school on the Monday, it was a different matter, my best friend Meredith took one look at the sparkle in my eyes and demanded to know who the new boyfriend was. Of course I denied there was a boy and tried to change the subject, but Meredith kept honing in on it and just wouldn’t let go. Eventually I blurted out that I’d done some fashion modeling on Friday night and absolutely loved it, and Meredith’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she knew exactly how conservative and protective my parents were, and at first she wouldn’t believe me, but when I described all the dresses and how I had to parade them she started to believe me, and when I admitted that it was with the people I did babysitting for and that’s what mom and dad thought I was doing, she grinned widely. “Mmmm, now I get it” she grinned “ you lied to your parents” “No I didn’t” I gasped “I really was asked to baby sit, the modeling was only a last minute idea because Francine couldn’t get a model so late when she found out the store buyer was coming, I mean I was only doing her a favor really” I said. Meredith grinned, “But you did enjoy it, all that parading around?” she said. “Oh yeah” I sighed “it was like being on the ... stage for a while, with all those amazing clothes” “Mmmm tell me about the outfits again, were they really sexy?” I blushed slightly, “Well, some of them were sort of body hugging, and a couple were so tight I wasn’t able to wear a bra” I murmured, hoping no one else was overhearing this conversation. “Wow” Meredith said, “ and how did you feel about that? Was Francine’s husband there? did he stare at your breasts? did he give you the eye?” she giggled. “No!” I almost snorted, “There weren’t any men there at all, just Francine and the buyer, Mary” “Aw” said Meredith, “That was no fun, imagine what it would have been like if there was a row of men there all staring at you, all salivating over your horny breasts” I blushed furiously, a momentary flash coming into my head of a row of men seeing me in some of the more sexy items I hadn’t dare mention to Meredith, and I felt my nipples harden. They hardened even more when I saw Meredith staring at them and running her tongue over her lips, and her words hammered into my head…’horny breasts’ she’d said, god did she really think I had…I felt the flush really start to take hold and I quickly grabbed my books and rushed off to my next class, arriving way too early and having to walk around the block and back before the doors were opened and we filed inside. The walk calmed me down quite a bit, but all afternoon Meredith’s words and the way she’d stared at me kept coming back into my head, and I felt the same heat flooding through me ...