1. A near death experience

    Date: 9/27/2017, Categories: Fantasy, BDSM, BDSM, Cruelty, Extreme, Humiliation, BDSM, Snuff, Torture, Author: Yvonne, Source: sexstories.com

    Yvonne, over a couple of years, had found many sex sites where she could lust over the wonderful photos and videos that turned her on so much. Being careful in the utmost not to risk being found out by her husband, she rarely made any input in the way of messages to these sites, and although she initially displayed her photo as an avatar, she soon saw the hazards associated, and removed it in a matter of weeks. She had very intentionally sought out these pornographic sites, but then, quite by accident, she had stumbled upon a new site that absolutely astounded her - it was dedicated to those kinky people who enjoyed what was generally referred to as 'sado-masochism. Looking over the many photos that were displayed on the site, Yvonne's eyes were really opened to this bizarre form of sex. Yvonne found herself absolutely fascinated by everything about that site - the amazing photos, the incredibly cruel and bizarre stories, and most of all, the personal messages that people posted. She was astounded by the gratuitous cruelties that some men offered in their various personal postings, but the even more astounding thing that she found, was the fact that she was so sexually stimulated by it all. Each day, as soon as her husband was safely out of the way and the children were off to school, Yvonne would eagerly log onto the computer and go straight to this newly discovered site. She would sit reading all of the new postings for the day, and she would imagine fantastic situations ... in which she was involved. Many times Yvonne became so very excited that she actually wrote outlandish replies to some of the men's postings, but she never ever sent them on. She would excite herself with her pretence of answering, but then would quickly erase all of her wild writing. One particular day, because her cycle had reached ovulation, she was so deliriously worked up that she had to go and fetch her favourite shampoo bottle and work it deliciously into her pussy, as she sat reading the latest bunch of messages. She was busily reading the ramblings in one particularly exciting posting - a man looking for "a dirty, perverted slut who knows her place in the gutter. A cunt who I can beat and torture to extremes. A slut with few limits who is prepared to totally submit to my sadistic perversions." "Oh my God," Yvonne marvelled, feeling a surge of lust, and working the bottle right up into her pussy. She read over and over that posting, getting more and more worked up and savouring every word of it. She decided to play her self teasing little game of pretending to answer. She typed out a reply, but then, as she always did, she simply hit the delete button. More and more worked up and lustful Yvonne became. Her mind began to think thoughts that she'd never before considered. Looking at the man's profile should have warned her to take her game no further; it turned out that he was located not that far from where Yvonne lived, and what she was considering went against her ...