1. Natasha's Journal - Messy Anal

    Date: 9/27/2017, Categories: Diary, Anal, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Extreme, Female solo, First Time, Hardcore, Reluctance, Scatology, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women, Author: Captain Boner, Source: sexstories.com

    Diary Entry 17/09/01 _______________________ I was 16 in year 9 at high school and i decided to wag my last 2 periods and hang at the park on my own since nobody wanted to wag with me. I walked down to the park and sat in my usual spot were nobody can see me, its like a second home to me really nobody ever came out to this part of the park i always had cigarettes and condoms stashed there and it wasent far from the toilet block in case i needed a root or to pee but usually i just pee on in the bushes i don't know why it just turns me on to pee in public sometimes i might even taste my pee. I sat in my spot and lit my cigarette and sat down going through my Facebook feed on my phone there was nothing interesting exciting happening so i was about to lock my phone until my phone buzzed with a message from my friend Kev well he was more like an older brother to me he was 21 me and him use to sext but we never really got anywhere cause he kept on getting girlfriends left right and center but shit he has a big cock i know that from the pics we have sent each other. I opened up the message it said: Kev: Hi Tash i heard your wagging Natasha: yeah bra im at the park having a smoke aye Kev: want some company Natasha: Depends what can you offer me? Kev: Well my girlfriend dumped me and im horny as fuck so we could u know ;) Natasha: Well id love to fuck you right now but im on my period Kev: What about anal? Natasha: Ummm i havent done anal before Kev: Theres a first time for ... everything ;) Natasha: Mmmmm well i do need a good root but ill think about when you come Kev: Ok babe im on my way Natasha: Im horny babe so hurry up ;) I waited at the front of the park for my friend i saw him pull up in his Ute soon as he got out i ran up and hugged him tight and i just couldn't help but kiss him smack bang on the lips. We walked up towards my spot and we sat down and shared a smoke together he began to put his arm around me and started breathing down my neck, every guy knows my neck is very sensitive so i get horny instantly horny. Kev began to talk me into anal Kev- "so do you still wanna try anal with me?'' Natasha- "i dont know like i really need cock right now but im on my period and ive never tried anal before" Kev - "Ill be gentle at first after that you will love it believe me" Natasha - "Hmm ok promise you will be gentle He got up and took me by the hand and led me to the toilets. We walked into the disabled toilets one at a time i went in first while he waited a few seconds to walk in just in case somebody was watching. Once we were in the toilets we just looked at each other and just seconds later we grabbed each other immediately diving our tongues into each others mouths he pushed me up against a wall and lifted my knees up and began to rip my shirt of with his teeth he began to work on the clasp on my bra, it was just lucky that my bra opens from the front, soon as my bra was of he smashed his face into my boobs flicking his tongue over my nipples, ...