1. Celestial Fall - Chapter 5-6

    Date: 9/28/2017, Categories: Science-Fiction, Death, Non-Erotic, Violence, Author: Fatesknight, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter Five Excerpts from the Past Immortality—dazzling idea! Who first imagined thee! Was it some jolly burgher of Nuremburg, who with night-cap on his head, and white clay pipe in mouth, sat on some pleasant summer evening before his door, and reflected in all his comfort, that it would be right pleasant, if, with unextinguishable pipe, and endless breath, he could thus vegetate onwards for a blessed eternity? Or was it a lover, who in the arms of his loved one, thought the immortality-thought, and that because he could think and feel naught beside!—Love! Immortality! Heinrich Heine, "The Hartz Journey" (1824 Earth Standard) I walk into the Hanging Horse Inn. The silence that follows lets me know that they know why I am here. I walk over to the far corner and stand in front of the two poachers. “Look who is here Joebe our little friend from the woods” Trag says softly wiping his mouth “you punk owe us some money it took quite a bit for the healer to put me and Joebe back together. Had to give him your sword and bow with the quiver just to pay her off.” As I am looking at them I feel a hand slap me on my back and turn to look at the dwarf standing next to me. “This is the lad you two fought in the woods?” Joebe leans forward with a sneer. “Ya so what, Beornze?” “I thought you two were idiots when I met you now you just proved me right. Let me introduce you properly this here is Jair ser Marwoleth. He is the finest human hunter in this area. He is also the son to the Witch ... of the Deep Wood. He has learned to fight from every race in this town. The Luy’cain elders have made him part of their pack. The Kaire send their young to him to train in the woods since he knows those woods better than them. He has saved many lives in this town and at least 3 of them are in this bar including me.” That sword you traded off is the only one of its kind. I went to Darkholme with the materials it took him a year to find. 13 master craftsman a month to complete. If you had tried to sell it to any dwarf they would have turned you away because they know the true price of that sword.” As Beornze talks I hear the door open and I see a lady in a cloak slip in and look around and start towards me. I nudge him softly. The dwarf looks up at me and then turns as she approaches and then turns to the two. “This is how well he is known.” She stops in front of me and pulls her hood back. Her delicate features on display for everyone. The Sidhe Lady bows her head to me and says softly in her native tongue. “Master Marwoleth these items found their way into my possession and I thought you would need them back I hope in the future you will remember this and look favorably on any help I might need in the future.” I nod my head in return whispering in elvish “Riedesh I will remember this and I will be sure to let my mother know so that if you and any of yours needs our help we will be there.” I accept my sword back and slip it onto my belt and then strap my quiver to my leg and ...