1. Awakenings Ch. 16

    Date: 9/29/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories

    After reading Ruth's emails and playing the cuckold game, all three of us were ready to relax. We went upstairs and showered together. When we finished showering Mel and Amy put on their flannel pajamas and terry cloth robes. I put on sweat pants and a long sleeved tee shirt. They weren't chic outfits, but we were friends living together. Trying to be fashionable all the time isn't a relaxed way to live. Mel and Amy believed in comfort. I agreed with them. Once we were dressed we went back downstairs and made supper. It was already 7:30 so Mel suggested salads and garlic toast. Working together, dinner was ready in less than five minutes. We ate in the kitchen. Again, comfort was more important than style. We'd just finished cleaning up when the telephone rang. Amy said, "That must be Jeanne. Would you like to talk to her in private?" "No, she likes you. I'm sure she'll want to talk to the two of you too. If I feel like we need some privacy I'll tell you." Mel said, "Are you sure?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Let's go sit in front of the fireplace." Mel picked up their telephone and turned on the speaker. As we walked into the living room Amy, Mel and I greeted Jeanne and she greeted us. Once we were settled on the couch in front of the fireplace Jeanne said, "I'm sorry I'm calling so late. I've been talking to Tricia and Jodie." "That's all right, it's an hour earlier here and it's never too late for you to call." "Thank you Michael, I feel same way about you." Concerned about the ... reason Jeanne had just given me for calling late, I asked, "Jeanne is everything okay with Jodie and Tricia?" "I think so, but Jodie's worried about Paul." "What's the matter with Paul?" "Michael, you understand that Tricia and Paul have a different relationship." "I guess so, you've told me that Tricia is dominant and Paul is submissive. That's really all I know." "There's more to it than that. Jodie called me at work today. She was over at at Tricia's last night. She really likes Paul and she's concerned about how Tricia's treating him." Mel said, "Jeanne, we're still here. Do you want to talk to Michael about this in private?" "Thank you Mel, I appreciate your consideration, but I'd like you both to stay. You're sexually experienced women. I think Michael and I could use some advice about this." Amy said, "All right, but if you change your mind and want us to leave you alone just tell us." "Thank you Amy, I will." I asked, "Why is Jodie concerned?" "Paul has always been submissive to Tricia and she's always enjoyed being dominant. I think that's part of the attraction they have for each other, but lately those roles have intensified." "What do you mean?" "Tricia has started referring to Paul as her slave. She's treating him like a slave too and Paul quit his job." "He was a lab technician. He told me he loved his job." "Yes he did. Jodie said that Tricia told her it was her idea. In San Francisco I mentioned that Tricia got a promotion at the ad agency where she works." "Yes, ...