1. The Road Journey

    Date: 9/29/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: scottsmith1717, Source: LushStories

    My wife is a stunning, gorgeous brunette. She is at once the most genuine and endearing sweetheart you will ever meet, and a sexual force that washes through me like a hot, chaotic wind. The epicenter of a family one never wants to leave, I have the kind a partner in life that a man would want brag to the world about, but decides to leave unsaid because it makes it all the better. So you ask: why would I share her with another man? What follows is my answer to that seemingly simple question. One may decide to read this at arms length and enjoy as a voyeur, or perhaps find it helpful inspiration to do something only discussed coyly in hushed voices even when no one was around. To begin, let me describe my wife, whom I’ll call “Amanda.” A product of an Irish Catholic family, she is the kind of girl you want to bring home to your mother (and I did). Amanda grew up in the shadow of four older siblings, and was told she was the “looks” of the family. While certainly true, time has proven she is perhaps the most intelligent of the bunch. She was married once before, and as dysfunctional as that arrangement was, it changed her for the better in ways only adversity does. Through the travails of that stormy relationship, Amanda gradually blossomed into a corporate rock star. Leveraging her ability to build partnerships, along with her resourcefulness and ingenuity, she created professional opportunities for herself and never looked back. I’m guessing her siblings look at her from afar ... and say, “Wow, our little sister is all grown up.” That’s right, she has. Perhaps the most stunning transformation was in a sexual sense. When we first met, I saw Amanda as a sweet, innocent and caring soul. Although she was absolutely stunning physically (more on that later), there was an introspective side to her. I spent hours through email asking her questions, delving into her past, trying to understand her at the most basic level. I was utterly fascinated by her story. I knew, however, there was a sexual being deep inside -- someone who was locked up through years of oppression and convention. And while it was never my intent to “set her free,” I have learned through years of trust, bonding and mutual respect, that the most incredible sexual being will emerge. Fortunately for me, that being is my wife. So I suppose I should describe my wife physically, because as vapid as it may seem, I feel compelled to paint the picture. Trust me, later on you will appreciate this description. Amanda has just turned fifty, and has a mature allure that younger men yearn for, and older men understand. She has short brunette hair, a smile that will disarm the most hard-hearted of men, and big, brown eyes that will draw you in like the most addictive of opiates. And those wonderful, womanly curves. My particular favorite is the area between her upper thigh to her midsection -- that inviting hand-drawn indentation that would make a Bezier tool jealous. Her legs are simply gorgeous. Thick, ...