1. Exposed by a Stone Ch. 3

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Fan fiction, Author: Ridley Fiore, Source: sexstories.com

    started to push my head into her lips, she pulled away. “Wrong hole?” I guessed. I pulled my dick up to her anus, and poked it. She suddenly let out a tight gasp, and relaxed her body. I was right. “I'm too big for your small hole. So, I'm going to have to do some work on your anus before I can enter you're fleshy butt.” I tell her. The sexy Vaporeon nodded, and I pressed my face up to her rear. First, I lubricated her entrance with my tongue. She clinched her sphincter tight around me, and I filled her with my saliva. Then, I penetrated her with my finger, introducing another, every time she started to loosen up. Each time I added a finger, she would moan. Finally, she was ready to take my cock. Quickly, I lubricated my dick using the nectar from her warm blossom. We screamed in pleasure as her wet anus slowly engulfed the head of my cock. I slowly pulled in and out of her orifice, pushing my shaft further inside of her, bit by bit. Rita would sharply gasp each time I entered her. After a few minutes of this, I was finally able to push the last of my penis inside, her tight anus swallowing the base of my shaft. By this point, ...
    Rita was panting uncontrollably. I slowly removed my pulsating cock, before thrusting it back in. Losing control of my raging dick, I grab her quivering butt, and roughly fucked her ass. Shoving every inch I had into her. Rita, howling in ecstasy, started to pound her ass against my cock. My balls were pounding the endless waves of cum pouring from Rita's pussy. She seemed to be climaxing every time I would thrust my cock deep into her ass. I continued to furiously slam inside her rectum as I felt a ginormous load of semen pumping to the tip of my dick. It felt like my cock was going to explode, until It all just rerupted inside of her. My creamy cum was shooting out so powerfully, that once I filled up her ass, it began to squirt out her anus, tight around my engulfed penis. I kept pumping furiously inside her, filling her entire body with my thick cum. Pouring out every last drop of liquid she fed me before. Our mixed juices covered her entire backside. A large pool of cum on the dirt road below. I was breathing so hard that my lungs were on fire. I collapsed next to Rita, staring at her. “I think I'm gonna need some more water”