1. Masturbates Motel Ep2 “First you dream, Then you die.“

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, Teen, Masturbation, Monster, Murder, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Teen, Teen, Violence, Author: AsGoodAsItCums_, Source: sexstories.com

    Masturbates Motel Ep2 “First you dream, Then you die.“ The sun rises and falls upon a boy’s face. His face is flawless. The sun sets a calm and delightful mood to the morning like a new beginning. The boy’s eyelashes begin to twitch and he suddenly opens his eyes. It’s Nathan and he smiles as he looks down and a girl, Anna, is sleeping on his chest. He strokes his hand over her arm feeling her therapeutic soft skin. She whimpers in her sleep. He edges her arm and then face with his finger tips. He runs his fingers through her silky smooth blonde hair and leans his head down to smell it. He hugs her and leans his cheek on her head. After enjoying her for a minute he strokes her face again. This time her eyelashes twitch and she struggles waking up. She moans and opens her eyes lifting her head to look at Nathan. “Good morning” Nathan Whispers. Anna inhales through her nose and moans, “Mmm…” and hugs his body. Nathan lifts her lips to his and they kiss for 5 seconds. Then she hugs him again and runs her hand down his chest. Nathan grabs her hand and kisses it as he gasps it in his. They lay together for a few minutes before sitting up and kissing each other while they get dressed. Nathan can’t help but admire Anna’s body in the sun light. He looks from her long smooth legs up to her elegant pink vagina, that he pleased the night before, to her girlish curved abdomen and to her stimulating breasts. Then he looked up to her running her fingers through her hair like something ... out of a movie. Her skin glowing in the sunlight and her beautiful facial features made for an enjoyable show as he got dressed. Anna enjoyed his boyish features as well. She noticed his amusing manhood as he pulled his underwear over it. She watched as he pulled on his shirt over his impressive abs and enjoyed as he buttoned it up. Then she stared at his boyish hair and firm skin. She mostly enjoyed making eye contact with his deep exotic eyes. She wondered what was behind them. Then they sat together putting on their shoes. They snuck in a few peck kisses. When they were done they grabbed each other’s hands and stood watching the sun sparkle on the water. They turned to to embrace each other and kissed over and over. Anna’s hands holding his neck and his holding her face. Next they tuned to pick up the sheet and blanket. Nathan offered to carry it as he through his arm over Anna as they walked to a diner close by. At Harper’s diner Anna and Nathan had breakfast mostly just staring at each other. Afterwards they walked back to Nathan’s motel room 187. Before they parted in the parking lot they kissed each other, Nathan not wanting to let her go. Then when he was ready to go in, she didn’t let him go, pulling him in for another long kiss. Then they stared into each other’s eyes. Nathan sneaks in another kiss. Then he says looking her deep in her eyes, “I’m going to miss you. I should probably get your number.” Anna kissed him again saying, “Are you still crazy for me?” He ...