1. My step mom and I at the pool

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: kornslayer1, Source: LushStories

    “You are in the pool again, Eric?" she asked, walking on the sidewalk towards our underground pool, wearing a white blouse and black skirt through the summer heat as the sun was toasting everything in sight even at six o clock in the evening. “Yes, how was work?” I wondered, treading in the water. “To sum it up: bullshit," she answered, as her hands met her hips. “Well, why don't you get into your bikini and take a dip with me?” I offered, grinning. “Well, I'd love to, but I just wanna lie down for awhile. They have me working nonstop lately," she replied, stretching out her arms and legs. “Well, okay, go relax for a while." Then she brought her left hand to her head to mop away the sweat. “Oh, fuck it. I can at least come in for a few minutes," she mentioned, looking at the pool. "That water looks to be freezing, maybe it'll freeze me awake," she said, prior to heading inside. "Yes, I get to see her in that bikini again," I spoke out loud, cheesing and feeling my hard cock. Then I began masturbating. She had always been one hot woman, especially as she constantly walked through the house in just her bra and panties or even making rare nude appearances. Of course, she wouldn't let me see her nude though. She only did that when she thought she was alone. Two summers ago, I came back home in the middle of a Saturday afternoon as I was supposed to be out all day. I just walked through the front door and shut it. I strolled down the hallway towards the living room and walked in ... there just a couple feet, before I saw her standing in front of the TV naked. I got view of her playing Wii tennis with her back to me. "Oh, my, she is naked," I whispered, before I bent down on my knees and hid on the side of the couch while on my knees towards the entrance. "Oh, you kinky woman. Do you just need to stay cool when you play tennis? Wow, what a perky bare ass you have." She had been my step mom for four years by then as I was sixteen, but I still felt my cock getting hard. I looked down and found my cock sticking straight up. Then I bit my lip as I slowly put my right hand into my shorts. "Shit, you are one elegant woman," I moaned, grabbing onto my cock. My head leaned back up as she hadn't noticed the voyeur in the room. Then I began stroking my cock, but it suddenly went limp. "This isn't right, she is my step mom and she loves me," I whispered, taking my hand out of my shorts. "I can't just spy on her like this." Then she paused the game and dropped the controller. "Fuck, I'm so damn hot," she moaned, bringing her hands to her face. They covered her eyes as she turned around and I got to see all of her naked goodness. "Holy shit," I whispered, as my hand ventured back into my shorts. "You are even more lovely naked, Diane. I'd love to shoot my load onto those tits," I moaned, with my mouth watering. I began stroking it again, but it got harder. Her big, but not too big tits, somewhat flat stomach, nice thighs, legs, and to top it all off, her sexy landing ...