1. One of the Best Ways I Got to Know

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: Invigorated, Source: LushStories

    I'd been dropping the idea into our sex talk for quite a while. When she went on a night out without me I'd always say, "Be good, and if you can't be good tell me everything that happened when you get back," but I didn't think it was ever going to happen. That night she'd left the house and I'd kissed her at the front door and said my usual line, and said a silent prayer, but guessed that would be as far as it went. I had work the next day so I went up to bed sometime after 11pm and drifted off fantasising about what if she did, this one time, come back fucked. I vaguely heard her come in but didn't think much about it and settled back into my pillow. I listened to her come up the stairs and then, unusually, come straight into the bedroom. I say unusually, as normally she'd head for the bathroom, brush her teeth, strip off and then come into the bedroom, get into bed and snuggle up so I was a little surprised when she padded over to my side of the bed and stood there. Sensing her just standing there, presumably looking at me, I opened an eye to see what was going on. When she saw me open my eye she crouched down by the side of the bed and said something about being glad I was still awake. I mumbled something about being asleep but someone had made a noise coming in. She smiled and told me to close my eyes as she was going to put the bedside light on. I groaned but did as she asked and once the light was on slowly opened my eyes again. Her face was flushed and there was an ... excited look in her eyes. When she saw me open my eyes again she whispered, "I have something to show you." "What?" I asked, at which she stood up and slowly drew up her skirt. It wasn't a long skirt, so I could already see her mid-thighs, and my eyes followed the hem as it slowly rose. And then I was staring at her pussy which I wasn't expecting as I was expecting to see knickers. "You bad girl," I said. "You went out without knickers." "No," she replied. "I was wearing knickers when I left." My cock suddenly went hard. "So why did you take them off?" I asked. "I didn't," she said, and before I could say anything else she said, "Have a smell." I leant forward and sniffed. I could smell her sex but there was also the unmistakeable smell of lubricant, spermicide and that instantly recognisable rubbery kind of smell that only comes from one thing... condoms. "Is that what I think it is?" I asked. "Might be," she said and I watched as she slowly turned round and bent over. Her pussy lips definitely looked as if they'd enjoyed a bit of action. She was definitely wet and they definitely looked puffy. "Fuck," I said. "Oh yes," she replied, "but not for you tonight. I'm tired and a little bit sore." "Seriously?" I cried. "Oh yes... you're going to have to wait," and saying that, she walked round to her side of the bed, stripped off and climbed in. "Seriously?" I pleaded. "Yep," she said, smiled, pecked me on the cheek, snuggled down and turned to face away from me. I sat there with a ...