1. After My Ex, Teaching in High School

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: True Story, Anal, Bisexual, Group Sex, Older, Older, Teen, Written by women, Author: sue_42eee, Source: sexstories.com

    Hey folks, back again, sorry but went back to Florida for a couple days. I will write of that later on but anyway, I was writing about getting a baby for my ex's boss and his wife. Everything went as planned and I had a great time that I will write about later on. I ran into a couple of my ex-students the other day and we sat and talked of the great times we had when I was their teacher. The we laid around and did more than talk. But, so here it is, After I had the baby, Bob and his wife adopted it and I divorced my ex simply because he could not take care of my needs and he was a drunk all the time. I left and went back to school for he last year to get my teaching cert and started in middle school for a while but then a good position came up in a high school a county away so I took it. It was a sort of general Social Studies class and lots of fun to teach cause I got to ask how the students felt about issues and got to draw them out on topics that I wanted to manipulate. I was the center or attention by some of the other staff and by the horny guys and some gilrs that I taught. I kept my tits giving milk because I loved the feeling of them being full of milk and then of expressing it and sucking it from my nipples. I had a couple girlfriends to that loved being in bed and milking me all they wanted to. Well, one guy, Nate, was very mature for his age. He did not act like the other guys that were infatuated and all ga-ga over girls. He was very diliberate in his actions and ... in my seduction. I saw it coming and really made it easier for him but he did not think so, and in fact I seduced him as much as he did me. After I noticed the attention he gave me I made it a point to bend over so that my tits and cleavage were visible and then I looked to see the reaction he had, hard cock and red face every time. Then of course I was wet after too. Nate was always polite to me, opened the door, carried things I needed carried and picked up things I dropped. He was having trouble getting his homewrok done and so one day I asked him to stay after class to talk about it. I had a very tight thin blouse on and a loose sweater over it so that I was not too obvious. My skirt came open easily and before class I took off my bra and panties and put pads over my tits to soak up the milk that was starting to flow about half way through class. Nate was taller than me by about a foot so when he looked down he had a great shot of my cleavage. He was strong and very trim and had nice arms that were the result of his workouts. Anyway, I had asked him to come back to class after last period and after everyone had left he stuck his head in the door. "Come in NAte, please, and close the door please." I told him. He came in and closed it looking around the room. "Come on into the study." I said and he said, "Okay Ms. Lacey" (I had not changed my name back to Hyatt yet) and he followed me into the study which was a small room off the classroom for workstudy and grading papers ...