1. Nighttime Fantasties

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Non-consensual sex, Voyeur, Author: Visionmetal, Source: sexstories.com

    Jason looked down at the sleeping Sarah and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. A group of them had gone out drinking and clubbing and by the end of the night Sarah had been far to smashed to go home. The two of them had been friends for years and Jason had offered to let Sarah stay at his place for the night and take her back to her car in the morning. She had accepted with a smile. Once they had gotten inside Sarah had collapsed on the couch and promptly passed out. This was not the first time this had happened. Sarah had a tendency to overdo it now and then. Jason stroked his friend's soft cheek. She was a heavy sleeper, especially when she had been drinking. He looked down the length of her. She was cute. A tiny blond with perky little tits and a nice lean stomach. Her shirt had scrunched up, revealing several inches of bare stomach. Jason let his fingers ghost over her tummy while his eyes watched her face. She didn't move, her eyes didn't twitch or fluttered. She was out cold. He very carefully began to unbutton her top and pull it open, letting his fingers just barely touch her skin. Her bra was black lace and lucky for him, the clasp was in the front. He flicked his thumbs back and forth across her nipples through the fabric until he felt them harden into nubs. With a quick snap, he opened the bra to revel her pert little breasts with her hard little nipples. He blew a little burst of cold air at one of her nipples and was delighted when it hardened further. He ... flicked his tongue out against it and then the other. He glanced up at Sarah; still no response. He sucked one of her nipples inside of his mouth, nipping slightly at it. God, her breasts were perfect. He took her other nipple into his mouth and repeated the action. He loved her like this. He pinched one of her nipples, hard, and tugged at it. He loved being able to touch her, use her, any way he wanted. And he wanted her. Her skirt had also ridden up when she had fallen asleep on the couch and her legs bent apart slightly. Her reached between her legs to her crotch and found her cotton panties slightly damp. He moaned aloud, unable to control himself. He rubbed at her slowly through the fabric, feeling it slick up as she grew wet. Now, after being so quiet and still, Sarah whimpered slightly and pressed herself against him ever so slightly. Jason stilled and pulled his hand away, but she had stilled, and her breathing was regular. Confident, he caressed her again, her panties growing wet with her juices. He pressed the fabric up into her cunt, soaking them further. He teased her entrance through her panties, delighted at how wet he was making them. It was dirty and he loved it. With careful fingers, he slid his hand underneath the fabric. She was shaved. This was new. He smiled and slid one finger up and down her slick slit, teasing her entrance and then sliding back up to tease her clit. He continued up and down again and was rewarding with another soft whimper for her. He was ...