1. Fate's Calling (Chapter 4)

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, First Time, Teen, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Spanking, First Time, Author: Terminix, Source: sexstories.com

    The sun shone brightly through the canopy of the vast forest. I trekked through the woods in my heavy armor and my blade on my belt, the crimson jewel of the weapon shining maliciously, hungry for blood. The bow a blacksmith from the previous town had gifted me with rested among eight arrows in a quiver on my back. I had entered this forest an hour ago, and sweat was dripping down my face as a result of the intense heat of the sun, as if it was warning me not to continue. I had to continue. I knew that this was my destiny: to defeat the villainous King Moros and free the people from his treacherous influence. It was not for the bounty, but because Fate had entrusted me with this task, and I planned to see it through to the end, where my blade would be burrowed in the flesh of my enemy. My thoughts were interrupted by a scream. It sounded like it was from a girl, and had come from my left. I put the visor of my helmet down drew my sword and carefully wandered off the path, searching for the source of the sound. Then, I heard sobbing. “Please, stop! Leave me alone!” the girl cried. I broke into a sprint towards the voice. I was lead to a small clearing and came across a petite girl, naked and crying, held by two large men, one who was balls deep in her ass, and the other fucking her mouth relentlessly. Then, the man abusing her mouth withdrew and came all over her face and breasts, the milky fluid splattering her pale skin and dripping down to her belly. The girl’s clothes ... were in a heap on the ground, next to basket with its contents spilled. I hid behind a tree and began to formulate a plan to save the girl. Then, I heard the demented laughter of the man in her ass. “Isn’t this a fine catch!” he laughed maliciously. My cheeks reddened with anger, and I sheathed my sword and drew the bow. With steadiness, I nocked an arrow and drew it back. With precision, I let it fly towards my target, and was rewarded with a scream of pain, then silence. The other man realized what was happening and tried to draw a dagger from his belt, but by that time I was already closing the gap between him and I, my sword in hand. Anger took over my instincts, and instead of aiming for his heart as the rapist had assumed I would do, I chopped his erect penis off with one swing of my blade, and he screamed in pain and dropped down on his knees. I wanted him to suffer the same as he had caused this girl. “Pl-please, have mercy!” the pitiful rapist begged, tears in his eyes. I merely raised my blade above his neck. I merely replied, “The only mercy that you will get is death.” My blade descended towards his exposed neck, and a head rolled onto the floor, a red, viscous liquid leaking out of the wound. I realized that the victim, a girl that looked no more than 16, had watched the entire scene. She was looking right at me, terrified. Her arms were hugging her chest, attempting to hide her exposed goods. The girl had long blonde hair, a delicate face, small breasts, and had a ...