1. 87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat

    Date: 10/1/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Taboo, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster

    87 Avis gives Jon`s father`s day treat Yesterday was Fathers Day here and since I have no k**s of my own and Carmen has hers from her first marriage, she still treats me to dinner and whatever I want. Avis and I decided to pay a visit to this favourite place of ours and so we drove over to an adult bookstore for what we had hoped would be a nice little visit. Avis dressed in a sheer white blouse, left her bra off so that her tits were outlined, short sandy coloured skirt and of course, 4&#034 white stiletto heels. They have a booth in there that can handle 4 people so we took that and left the door ajar. We entered the booth and put some money in the meter to bring up a clip. I left the door ajar and anyone in the hall would know by that and the red light above it, that someone was inside and wanting a cock. I took my cock out. Avis took hold of it and started caressing it. After it got hard, she got on her knees and started licking my cock from top to bottom before sticking it in her mouth to suck. It didn't take long for the door to open up a bit and another man looked. &#034Free blowjob&#034 I said quietly looking at him. He didn't hesitate and in he came. Avis stopped sucking my cock, got to her feet and greeted the man with a kiss to his lips. &#034Want me to suck your cock?&#034 she asked him and he said yes. She opened up his fly, reached in and took out his cock. While caressing him to hardness, she went back to kissing him. I watched as he raised his hands and ... started caressing Avis's tits through her blouse. She stopped kissing him and told him, &#034Go ahead, and suck on my tits&#034. He unbuttoned her blouse and bent down and began sucking on her tits while she kept up her jerking of his hard cock. I was now jerking off my own cock as I watched my slut kiss and caress another man`s cock, growing more excited as I waited for her to put that hard cock in her mouth and suck it off. And so she did. Going back down on her knees after she stopped kissing him and he stopped sucking on her tits, i watched as she licked his shaft from top to bottom, circled her tongue around his cock head and then took it all in her mouth. For the next few minutes and more I could her sucking his cock, the smacks and slurping as she worked over his cock. &#034Feel good?&#034 I asked him. &#034Fuck yeah&#034 he stated. &#034Avis, tell him what you are&#034 I said next and with that, Avis stopped sucking for a minute, looked up at the man, &#034I'm a fuckin' cock-sucking whore&#034 she replied and went back to sucking on his cock. It didn't take long again before he started to jerk and then shot a load of cum into her mouth. Avis took it easily and when he finished, she licked his cock clean. While this had been going on, the door moved again and another man peeked in. I motioned for him to come in, despite the cramped condition it would cause, &#034Free blowjob&#034 I said to him too. We had watched as Avis sucked the first man off to a climax, raised up and ...