1. the Girl 4

    Date: 10/1/2017, Categories: Fiction, Ass to mouth, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Humiliation, Prostitution, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: Alter Ego Twoface, Source: sexstories.com

    Resume: The Girl has the ability to manipulate people sexually – and to erase memories. She has seduced both the man Dad and his Wife Mom and together they are planning to steal a USB dongle. They have prepared a spyware device and they are training to act as prostitutes. Later that night the device did it's job. It almost didn’t as the Dame was afraid to remove it but had to in order to open the safe. The Villain convinced her by guarantee his punishment would be double whatever her new secret lover could muster. She unplugged herself for just a few seconds to mount the safe-dick and by that opening the door. Every theory of how the safe worked was proved and the location in the basement of the Villains office building was revealed. The next couple of days were quite a boot camp. Mom had to master a number of disciplines. The first one was stripping, including pole dancing and simply making every move look sexy. It would seem Mom was a natural and the Girl a formidable teacher. From time to time Dad would be called upon to evaluate the progress. He enjoyed that beyond belief. Mom was then shown a lot of variations of copulation. She would be expected not to take control but to seem confident in whatever situation she was put in. The Girl introduced her to countless positions Mom never knew of. The Girl would wear a strapon and from time to time call upon Dad for aid; especially for double penetration positions. It was a theme of its own for Mom getting used to being abused ... – to like being raped, as the Girl put it. She never learned to relax during a double anal penetration. And she kept panicking when her nose was held shut during deepthroating. But when Friday arose, it was fair to say Mom was a fully trained prostitute. Her blow job skills were perfected. She could enjoy any cumshot, in the throat, in the face or even in the eyes. She could take a huge cock up her ass with little or no preparation. She could fake countless orgasms. And she could do it all looking sexy as hell. Dad had much less training to do. From a building plan he had memorized the location of the Villain’s office and the staircase to the basement where the safe was. He already knew the location of the Dame’s office. But he spent most of the time observing his wife’s training. It was like living in the best porn movie ever. Dad was constantly horny, had he already been exposed to the drug he wouldn’t be more lustful. Thankfully the women understood that and maybe got a little horny themselves too. During the training sessions, Dad fucked them both more times that any of them could count. As Mom would have to get comfortable with quite a variety of cumshots, Dad had to get off 4-6 times a day. With every climax he felt younger and his vigor just grew and grew and by Friday he felt like his dick was made of Viagra – except it wasn’t that blue. Friday was the day of final preparation. The women didn’t want any sex, they preferred resting while setting up costumes and other ...