1. Lois Pt 2

    Date: 10/1/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Job / Office Sex, Author: trainman57, Source: sexstories.com

    I forgot to mention that this took place in the late 70's. Cindy and I got married young. This is the story of our life together. We both had affairs along the way. We are still together and still very much in love. Now on with the story. I couldn't wait to go back to Lois's shop. I wanted to see where this whole thing would lead. Apparently Cindy and Lois talked about sex lives. Just how much I wanted to find out. We were invited to a friend's wedding. Good excuse to visit Lois. When I got there she was just finishing another ladies hair. She was an older women. Friends with my mother. I was hoping she didn't want to hang around and catch up on the family. She ask about the family and said she had some place to be. Thank God. I was the only other person there so I just went over and sat in the chair. It was June and really warm. Lois was wearing a sundress. She looked great. All tan that I could see. "So you and Cindy are going to Jen's wedding Saturday?' She ask as she put the smock around my neck. "We are invited too. Maybe we'll hang out with you guys." "Sounds good to me. Cindy said you and Tom would be there. Is Tom home from work yet?" I knew he worked away some. "No he wouldn't be home till tomorrow night. Been a long week." She added. She started to trim my hair and sure enough rubbed her pussy on my elbow. I moved my arm so my hand was out from under the smock. She must have noticed. She stepped right in and put her pussy against my hand. I moved my hand between ... her legs and rubbed her thigh through her dress just below her pussy. She was saying something about how hot it was and if she could work naked she would. I slid my hand down her leg until I got to the hem of her dress. Then slowly back up I found her bare little snatch. No panties. I guess that is the thing now. I caught Cindy With out her's a few times recently. "I think I found where all the heat is coming from." I said as I slid a finger along her slit. "Finally, I thought I was going to have to pull my dress up and rub it in your face." She laughed as I found her hole with my middle finger. "Take it easy down there. I need to finish your hair." "I want it to look nice for the wedding Saturday." She moaned. "I'm sure it will look fine." I said. I pulled her dress up to see she was completely bald. "I like the look.I want Cindy to shave but she says it would look like she was ten." "I know she ask me if I shave or just trim. Why do you think I shaved this morning?" "I think it feels so different. I have been going to do it for awhile and thought you would like it." "What will Tom think? Wouln't he wonder why you just decided to shave all of the sudden?" "He might not even notice. But if he does I'll just say it's a suprise for him." "You know it does look like a little girl. So smooth. I don't feel anything at all." She was finished with my hair. She pulled the smock off me and looked at the tent in my shorts. I kept my fingers busy in her pussy as she pulled my cock out and ...