1. A New Day, A New You part 15

    Date: 10/2/2017, Categories: Fiction, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Straight Sex, Romance, Violence, Author: P.O.I., Source: sexstories.com

    Agent Dylan Bradley Monday after lunch and most of the desk agents, including me, have been called in for a meeting with Section Chief Watkins. Desk agents like me are ones in between assignments or waiting to be put on a team in the field. Some are comfortable, some are ambitious and some failed and looking for a chance to redeem themselves. I have less than a month worth of field time in my career with the FBI and thanks to some creative liberties with access to the NSA I’ve been riding a desk for over a month. There are a dozen of us in the room all facing the same way as Section Chief Watkins begins to brief us on new events. I listen patiently as he goes over current investigations and asks for volunteers to supplement current teams. I raise my hand with a few others and watch as two are picked but not me. A new team is being assembled under Special Agent Jimenez and five volunteers are asked for. Again I raise my hand and five are picked but not me. Seven down and five remaining. “Finally I need a three man team for surveillance of a possible lead into black market weapons,” Watkins pauses to address us,” This will be a plain clothes operation so that we don’t draw too much attention.” My hand is in up again along with two others and I smile inwardly, now I can get back in the field. Watkins looks at the group for a moment and finally speaks. “King you’re leading with Phillip and Murley on your team,” Watkins says and I drop my hand. He finishes basics on the ... assignments and dismisses us to our assignments which for me consist of returning to my desk to file reports for agents in the field. I get half way to my desk when I am stopped by a female agent. “Agent Bradley? Chief Watkins wants to see you,” she tells me before heading off to wherever she is to go today. I think for a minute and head to his office. He doesn’t have a receptionist, just a young agent that takes phone calls and does his busy work. I am directed inside and see my boss waiting for me sitting behind his desk. “Close the door Bradley,” he asks and I nod before shutting it,” Take a seat.” “I’d rather stand,” I politely decline but declining isn’t something you do here. “You’re probably wondering why I didn’t put you on any of the new assignments,” he says plainly. “I figured you were still punishing me for what happened with the NSA. Although I do remember someone telling me that aside from my handing everything over and the embarrassment that was thrust upon me in front of other agents I wasn’t going to be punished,” I call him out a little on his actions, worst he can do is never assign me to a team which he’s already doing. “You think this is a punishment,” He asks and I shrug. “Doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what you said to me and what you did. Say one thing, do another,” less words but I call him on the floor about it again. “You weren’t the only one embarrassed by what happened there Agent. I stuck my neck out for you on something you assured me was a solid ...