1. Mistaken identity

    Date: 10/2/2017, Categories: Fetish, Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: trindriver121, Source: xHamster

    Zoe arrived home both angry and frustrated. Since she succumbed to her boyfriend’s pleas to give up her virginity about two weeks ago, they had only had sex once. Zoe’s unwillingness to submit to his constant requests now seemed unexplainable. In fact the night she gave up her cherry changed her completely. It was like a eureka moment, the feelings and sensations she experienced on that first night opened up a whole new world to her. Yes she had often masturbated, and had regularly felt horny, as if something was missing in her life. The emotional sensation as her boyfriend pushed his hard cock into her pussy, opened up a world of craving for more, he only lasted a couple of minutes inside her before she felt his hot cum filling her up, but she knew as they practiced his sexual stamina would increase. She had orgasmed, in fact as she felt him penetrating her, she had an immediate sensation of her orgasm building, and with each inward stroke, her body ached with erotic shocks running through her. When he came, her body was covered in both his sweat and her own, and his warm cum dripping from her pussy left her wanting more. But like so many “first times” they were both scared of his parents coming home, they quickly dressed, and went their separate ways. Tonight was supposed to be their second time, Zoe had been so horny in anticipation, and done everything to curve the urge to masturbate, wanting to keep herself for her boyfriend, but, he decided to watch the football, how ... can a guy give up his fifteen year old girlfriend for a game of football on TV. Zoe arrived home, slamming the door as she entered, but the house was empty, her mom had gone out with one of her friends. Since the divorce came through a few months ago, her mom had gone a bit wild, going out several times a week, and drinking plenty of wine. Zoe made her way to her bedroom, still emotionally loaded with both anger and frustration. She began to undress, pulling her sweatshirt over her head, she noticed herself in the bedroom mirror. Her breasts were now a B cup and filled her bra well, a slight over pour of her breast flesh gave her a hint of a cleavage. She kicked off her boots, and pulled her socks off her feet. Then unhooking the button of her tight jeans she rolled them down her legs. Finally standing in her bra and panties, her anger with her boyfriend began to dissipate. But her feeling of sexual frustration was still there. She unhooked her bra, her breasts swaying free from the restrictive material, her dark pink nipples, although small were standing hard. watching herself in the mirror, she slipped a hand inside the waistband of her lace panties. Her fingers snaked downwards where she felt the soft fluff of her light pubic hair. She pulled a hair band from her wrist and tied her long blonde hair back in a pony tail, then brought her fingers back to her pussy. In the mirror she could see the shape of her hand under the black lace material of her panties, as she touched her ...