1. Good Solution Part 2

    Date: 10/2/2017, Categories: Taboo, Author: Gallo, Source: LushStories

    The last Laura knew about her Friday night out was the clock that read 10:18pm. The sheet around her sated body became a cocoon that carried her away to beyond the realms of reality. A place where thoughts refused to linger, where the body was oblivious to the creases of cotton sheets and where the colour of the night was a close companion. When Laura first laid her eyes upon Dean, her first thoughts was that of him being a close relative to Ben Affleck. Add a few pounds to the shoulders and a tousle of curly and unruly chestnut hair and the picture was complete. Dean was twenty three at the time but that was some year ago. Ok, add a few months. His tall, lean frame had graced the couch for quite a number of months and she grew to a keen affection of him. Around the house he was the masculine voice that lacked inside their home. He was the soft spoken, shy guy that sometimes left the lingering aroma in the passageway long after he had left. The lack of his presence was often felt by Laura who silently, and hopefully unobtrusively, drank in the masculinity he represented in the house. Sometimes the thought of Dean and his leanness remained in her mind and she was caught once or twice daydreaming about him. Though the limits of her thoughts about him was never admitted, Laura was the only one who knew in her mind what the limits were. And that, was a fact that was best kept closely guarded. Something extracted Laura from her deep sleep to the upper levels of oblivion. Those ... levels where you may dream and still yourself, you’re only dreaming. A level where reality started interfering with the dreaming. Though she drifted off, she became aware of somebody screaming at her. It was Rob, his pants around his ankles and a small, shrivelled little dick trying to find its way out of a bush of pubic hair. Rob was bellowing at her in his office, “This is your pay check, Laura. You are my whore, I will give you the smallest bit I have.” Then suddenly the cock was monstrously big and attached to his forehead. “Come Laura, crawl to me, suck my cock and give me a raise. Come suck your pay check.” Then, with a bang, the huge monstrosity exploded and she felt wetness all around her. That woke Laura. The sheets and her nightshirt were clinging to her body. She was soaked in sweat, her hair pasted to her forehead and her heart was beating out of control. Laura realised how much her evening was getting to her but relented that it was the best decision. Her head turned and she viewed the digital display of the clock. It was just after 1:00am. While her throat felt parched her next move was get a drink of water. Nothing next to her bed as she was so consumed with the messages her inner woman was sending her, that she omitted to get placing a glass of water at her bedside. The house was as quiet as it would be at that time of the morning. Without switching on her bedside lamp, she got up and took the few paces to the door. Opening the door to her room, she realised the ...