1. Wife share fantasy

    Date: 10/2/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexcplemufc, Source: xHamster

    This story starts with me and my wife, m28 f26, both quite open and willing to a degree but sex has somewhat died off and become routine. In an attempt to spice things up we recently began to explore toys and roleplay. My wife being into vibrators and f***ed scenarios. When we first met sex was always great and frequent and she told me often she watched porn her choices were mainly cumshots, dp and threesomes. At first i was a little freaked out by this but as time has gone on ive really begun to grow fond of the thought of her getting off to it. One sunday afternoon recently the topic of new things to try came up in conversation and we begun to discuss ideas, me mainly as shes not as open abit her ideas, i showed her a list of dirtythings to try that id found on the internet. Alot of it was stuff we do regular but there were some quite taboo like swinging hotwife etc. They were listed 1-50 and in an attempt to try and understand each other i suggested she told me the numbers that she would try instead of saying them out loud. Still she was being reserved which gave me the impression she was embarrassed, she said well which will you try? To which i said said all of them to try and draw a true answer from her, 'all of them, including the swinging and stuff? We'll talk about it another time' she quickly dismissed it. A week or so later, we planned an early night where i was going to tie her using the under bed restraint and blindfold her as i gave her an erotic massage. It ... was our first time using the bondage set and all was going great i was rubbing up and down her legs with the massage oil and her pussy was oozing. Id often dropped it in while we were having sex that it turns me on watching her masturbating and also handed her her range of realistic dildos to hold/masturbate or give bjs too and say &#034there u go youve got two cocks now you always wanted&#034 this would turn her on i could tell from her deeper breaths and moans but afterwards she would always insist that just because she's had that fantasy doeant mean she would want it for real. That in my id leave it there and not say anymore until next time. Back to the massage night the idea and fantasy popped into my head while she lay there blindfolded and relaxed. I also began to think about mine and how hot itd be to watch her getting fucked. I began to part her legs and tighten the restraint so her feet were flat on the bed with her legs wide open. I rested her vibrating cock on her pussy and sat back and watched her. I made an excuse to go downstairs briefly and before i left as she lay there moaning i said to her just enjoy it and let your imagination run wild, &#034what do you mean&#034 she asked whilst heavily breathing, &#034well you know that fantasy about u taking cock, just pretend you are being fucked by that Cock and il be back up soon, can you do that?&#034....&#034...ok&#034 she said in an unsure tone. I waited downstairs and could hear the buzz of the dildo and her heavy ...