1. Did I let prosty get pregnant?

    Date: 10/3/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: nory011, Source: xHamster

    Yo was a prosty from Thailand. She was around 30 years old when we met the first time on the road near my house. She was a bit chubby and not so cute. Near my house, there was a famous place of many prostys from foreign countries like East Asia, South East Asia, South America or even from Europe. I sometimes wandered in the place and paid them for sex. I met her in such place. Since then, I happened to find Yo there frequently, and paid her many times. One day, Yo said me that She liked me so much. Then asked me for letting her call me &#034Anata&#034. &#034Anata&#034 is a Japanese word what means &#034You&#034, but it also is used when wife calls her husband. Yo meant the latter meaning. Of course I didn’t get it as some serious matter. I thought it was fun to assume as if I got prosty wife. So I said her OK. The next time, when I happened to meet Yo, she really called me &#034Anata&#034 on a road with loud voice. At that time, I was thinking about playing with other prosty, but I was found by Yo. So I needed to pay her for sex. She said she was serious and wanted to marry me. Even she said if I had sex with other girl, she would cut my cock. I thought it was just some just prosty’s way to keep man as her customer. And it was good for me to play with assuming engagement with a prosty from Thailand. Then, we exchanged mobile number. Since then, we met at least once a month. And she called my money for sex &#034Money for her monthly life from husband&#034. We always had ... used condom, but several months have passed since she told me about future marriage, she said me she wanted to my baby, and asked me for not using condom. I thought she told me lie because almost all the prosties there used pill not to get pregnant. Anyway, it would make me to excite to have sex without condom and with fantasy of getting baby. She looked so excited while she lick my cock harder than before. And when my cock was inserted her pink pussy, she shouted &#034Anata! I love you!&#034 loudly again and agian. Only few minutes’ strokes made me almost cum, because I felt as if Yo were my real wife, but I could kept myself from cumming. Yo shouted and moand. I had never seen her shouting and moaning in such way before. Finally she got cum first. Then I cum inside her box. When my cock slipped out from her pussy, I saw my own cum dripped from her vagina out. Next time, of course we had sex without condom, because Yo insisted to get pregnant. Then about one month later, she sent me sms what said that she didn't have menstration. I doubt it but I assume as if I felt happy. At first, she said that she could get money for caring our baby from her father and mother in law. They are Japanese and parents of her Japanese ex-husband. It was quite queer story. Why parents-in-law would pay money for a baby of their son's ex-wife, though the baby is unknown guy’s? One day, it was after 2 month later since her menstruationstopped that she called me and said that her parents-in-law got ...