1. A Hall Pass Part 1

    Date: 10/3/2017, Categories: True Story, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Wife / MILF, Author: Finkent, Source: sexstories.com

    A true story with some embellishment of course :) It just slid into her head again like the night before. 'I wonder if he fucks as well as looks?' She had sat with her husband around the pool bar at the hotel absorbing the chilled, relaxing feeling that only a good holiday can bring and it was topping off a day where she had lain on the beach topless for the most part letting the warmth of the sun soak through her body whilst she drifted and dozed between bouts of the steamy novel she had been reading. But now it was dark and midway through the evening with the vodka creeping into her mind mixing the novel with her imagination. She looked at the guy from room 106 in the same block as hers and felt that faint stirring deep from inside. "It looks like you've had a good day in the sun." he said to her unexpectedly snapping her mind from her own erotic novel her mind seemed to be writing from the book and the real world around her. She had been completely unaware she had been gazing at him a little too obviously. She blushed slightly not at his words but from where her mind was. "Well, yes we've had a wonderful day down on the beach." Within ten minutes she, her husband and the guy from room 106 spent the rest of the night chatting, laughing and joking as they became part of the ambiance that the pool bar oozed. As they night wore on she learned Mr 106 was single - he had taken the holiday as a last minute rush to have a break. His split from his long term girlfriend had been a ... messy and drawn out affair so the break was the start to coming back up from the downward spiral he felt he had been on. From the outside he didn't appear to be someone coming up from being down. He was witty, polite but with a hint of mischievousness that hinted at something else. A couple of times she caught him looking at her tanned cleavage that gently spilled out of her thin cotton dress. Towards the end of the evening she caught his gaze again and the thought jumped into her mind so pin sharp she almost said it aloud - 'I wonder if he fucks as well as looks'. At the end of the night they staggered back towards their rooms walking along the small twisting path that weaved through the small bushes, shrubs and dull lighting that led them to their block. All three of them helped themselves climb the stairs laughing and giggling as they went until they reached the floor of their rooms. She reached hers first and Mr 106 shook her husband's hand and then, quite unexpectedly, kissed her on the cheek before he walked with a cheeky grin toward his room . She and her husband moved into their room with the stagger that pointed to a enjoyable night, got undressed, dissolved into the bed and drifted off to sleep. She woke in the morning to feel the stiffness of her husband stirring and nudging her back like a pet getting attention to be fed. She rolled over to face him as he too, was beginning to wake up. Within 15 minutes they were making love like they had done every morning since ...