Date: 10/3/2017, Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo, Author: slappywag, Source: xHamster

    The whole chain of events of that one particular day began when my mom came home with a new hair style. It was done on a whim and was much shorter than I had ever seen it. She was nervous and uncertain of her new look and tugged self consciously at it. I immediately voiced my approval. It emphasized the angles of her face that were previously hidden. My father's opinion was not so kind as he gave it a harsh assessment, &#034You look like a dyke,&#034 he said and turned his attention back toward the television and the war movie playing. Mom's reation to this comment was one of deep hurt and she immediately turned and retreated back into the kitchen. I stood in the living room briefly just glaring at the back of my father's death with the most evil thouhts running wild through my brain before finding Mom in the kitchen. Her back was to me but I could see her shoulders shaking and knew that she had been crying. &#034You look beautiful,&#034 I whispered to her. She turned quickly and put her arms around me, hugging me tightly. Then she told me about the woman at the salon who cut her hair. She was a young girl in her early twenties, skinny but with quite large breasts. Mom paused for a moment and blushed a bit at revealing this information. It would not be the last time. I smiled down at her. Again her face flared when she said that the breasts brushed against her several times. Whether it was accidental or intentional was a matter of speculation. The girl wore no bra; that was ... for certain. Mom took a deep breath and continued her encounter at the salon. She suddenly realized that the girl was indeed flirting with her. Her name was Kerry. She invited my mom to meet her for lunch. Being hopelessly middle class in her perspectives on sex she politely declined the offer but before leaving the salon Kerry jotted her number down on a piece of paper. &#034You should have accepted the offer,&#034 I said once I realized she was finished with her story. Her face turned suddenly up towards me, her eyes wide with surprise. &#034What!&#034 she cried somewhat loudly but quickly subdued her volume so as not to draw my father's attention. &#034I think you should call this girl for a date,&#034 I continued. &#034Are you making fun of me?&#034 she said and tried to pull away from me but I held her tightly. &#034Not at all. But by your tone of voice you seemed a little intrigued by the offer.&#034 &#034I have never had such thoughts about......with another woman. Never!&#034 she said but something in her expression seemed to contradict that statement. I just smiled at her. &#034I think you should call this girl,&#034 said again after a brief silence, adding a moment later,&#034it's probably better than that bastard in the other room.&#034 &#034He's your father....&#034 she began to say but her voice trailed off and could not rally any sort of verbal defense for her own husband. An expression of sadness passed over her face. &#034When was the last time he was good in ...